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Coronavirus Safe Tourism: How to make a vacation safe!! The danger is between us!!

Holidays safely!! What do we pay attention to on the trip?, what we do on the beach!! All summer directions to the beach and travel. Measures and Observance of Measures. What does an EKPA professor advise for our holidays?. The 9 instructions of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection….

The two main measures on vacation

Speaking to Fm Agency, the Assistant Professor of Pathology at EKPA, Panagiotis Halvatsiotis emphasizes that the measures of social distancing and the use of a mask are the two main things that we must not forget for a moment this year's special summer 2020. Referring to recent studies from the USA, he informs us that 39% of institutions is age 18- 44 and 35% 45-64. "It simply came to our notice then 75% of the bodies we are ourselves. The ages that circulate around and not the very young or old who are confined to their homes. So the danger is between us. ".

What to look out for on vacation, on ships, trains, planes, in the car

If we travel by public transport, we must follow the instructions given by the airline, or the train company or the KTEL, says. Halvatsiotis. But if we have our own means, it is better to travel only with family members or at least with the people we live with. "It's also a good idea to avoid hitchhiking. When we stop at various stations, be very careful to buy products that are in individual packages. It is important not to forget and touch surfaces, especially those made of stainless steel or plastic, which is the most, and in which the virus can survive, up to three days ". For our payments, better to use intact cards or have pre-purchased the products online, the professor points out. "Also visit the accommodation or sanitary facilities in the limited number that the instructions give, reduce the chances of catching handcuffs or anything else that may be contaminated with our hands ".

When we get to the holiday destination

It would be good to limit the ability to use common objects whether they are toys at sea or in the pool, or masks and respirators.

"It simply came to our notice then. It is good to see, either on the beaches, either in restaurants, you are at the beach bars that the instructions given by EODY for the distance between the tables are followed, or umbrellas, the guidelines for antiseptics that staff need to make among customers, as well as instructions for using a mask ".

In general, Mr.. Halvatsiotis, restrict shared items. We also keep the precautions we have in our home or personal space and reduce the risk of indirect infection..

The questions before we go on vacation

For those who are afraid to travel by plane, because now the passengers are sitting side by side, Mr.. Halvatsiotis clarifies that when everyone wears masks the risk of dispersal is minimal, close to 5%.

"In case our passenger does not wear a mask, we kindly ask the crew to remind him and force him to wear it. Many airlines take passengers down if they do not comply with the mask's use. ".

On the plane in addition to checking in and booking tickets online, it is better to have hand luggage, and not a suitcase in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, because from the time we leave it until we get it, many pairs of hands will have caught her, Mr. explains to us. Halvatsiotis. At the same time, he recommends before we leave for our destination (because the situation is dynamic and today a place can be safe, but tomorrow may have several cases) to be informed by the authorities, or by the airline, if something has changed at the destination, so we don't have to stay in a quarantine hotel.

The 9 instructions of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection

OR Civil Protection (NGPP) ήδη προχώρησε στην έκδοση 9 Instructions for self-protection measures by the coronary artery, with central message: "Enjoy your stay – Stay Safe », «Enjoy your stay and stay safe». The campaign, η οποία πραγματοποιήθηκε σε συνεργασία με τον PHEA, the CAA, the Fraport and Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", is available to the public in three languages, English, French, German.

In the instructions, GGPP emphasizes that tourists should:

  1. Use hand antiseptic often
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Wash their hands regularly and thoroughly
  4. Avoid catching their mouths, their nose or eyes
  5. Discard used masks and gloves, in a safe way, in trash cans
  6. When they cough, do so either on the inside of their hand or on a tissue
  7. Maintain safety distances
  8. Prefer intact transactions and
  9. Avoid elevators

The 10 basic rules for passengers

The basic rules for passengers traveling to and from destinations abroad and domestic and valid at all airports are:

  1. Admission to the airport building is only allowed for travelers who are airline ticket holders., except for specific exceptions (escort of a minor, disabled escort). – Protective dividers have been installed at public service points.
  2. The use of a mask is mandatory – already from the entrance to the airport – while all entrants must wear it during their stay at the airport..
  3. Passengers may be required to remove it during security and ID checks.. The use of a mask is also mandatory both during the boarding process and during the flight, while it is recommended to change each 4 hours.
  4. Employees are provided with all personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, antiseptic fluid) which they use throughout their work.
  5. Keeping distances (1,5 measures) should apply to all phases of airport procedures. Special markings on the ground, Visual instructions on screens and banners will make it easier to maintain distances while regular sound updates will also be made via screens., announcements and markings.
  6. Facilities, machinery, equipment and frequent contact surfaces in airport areas, are regularly cleaned and disinfected with special materials while the airport staff will provide information and supervise the observance of the rules by the passengers..
  7. There are antiseptics available at airports as well as at sanitary facilities for use by passengers as well as at all stages of the departure process., arrival . Plastic discs (SS. basins) where passengers place their clothes and objects during the process of entering the gates are disinfected per passenger before being reused.
  8. The use of available electronic applications and services is encouraged, both before leaving for the airport (web check-in) as well as inside the airport (web check-in, self check in, luggage tag printing, drop off baggage process, eparking).
  9. Distances must be kept at airport checkpoints and there are already signs for mandatory vacancies.. This will not apply to families and couples. also, at some airports, where possible, pedestrian crossings will be made from / to the aircraft.
  10. End, in terms of flight conditions and other details, It would be good for passengers to get information from the airlines with which they travel. The companies will be informed about the rules that apply to their destination.

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