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Coronavirus Symptoms: A new possible symptom is inflammation of the mouth and tongue

"Covid tongue." "Could be another symptom of coronavirus", suggests British researcher
Some patients report discoloration of the tongue, bloating and other problems in the mouth.
Among the various possible symptoms of coronavirus that are recorded are diseases of the oral cavity and tongue.……..

Scientists from England and Spain talk about the "coronavirus language", a phenomenon that is now proposed to be officially recorded by the World Health Organizations as a possible symptom of the disease.

In a study done in Spain with 666 patients as a sample, above the 10% (ie. 78 patients) showed "problems in the oral cavity".

From the 78 these patients the 11% showed inflammation in the small bumps on the tongue, 6% showed swelling and inflammation of the tongue with dimples on the sides, 6% he had mouth ulcers, 4% showed discoloration of the tongue reminiscent of "patches" and 4% showed swelling in various tissues of the cavity.

According to the authors of the research, the oral cavity should also be examined at an early stage of diagnosis, under appropriate conditions to avoid a possible transmission.

In England, Genetic epidemiology professor Tim Spector of King's College London also recorded cases of patients with this symptom, estimating that approximately the 35% of patients with coronavirus shows such "unusual" symptoms in the first 3 days of illness, for which we should all have our minds.

After all, when Covid-19 made its appearance in humans last year, symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, which are now considered common, they seemed equally strange to scientists and the common people at the time.

Source: NBC News

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