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Coronavirus : The optimistic scenario for tourist season two months at best

The optimistic scenario for the tourist market
Uncertainty about the impact of the epidemic . Both optimistic and less optimistic voices, They argue that the cloudy landscape is expected to clear up in the next two months…….

With the appearance of the first coronavirus infections in our country and spreading to other European countries -Basic for Greece “tanks” tourists and revenue (like Italy, Spain and France)- begin to show the real dimensions, the main objective for business tourism was not to lose the Easter period.

Just a few weeks after, the situation has changed dramatically and increasingly intensified fears for the tourist season. You may begin to have some reservations for August or September, and this with great caution, as stated in Capital.gr factors tourist area. But there are few who believe that the season has already lost.

Forecasts of how will evolve the season this year can not be. But there are the following data, as reported sources from the hotel:

First, even if they allow the units to open, reservations are reset. As they explain entrepreneurs the industry, It will take time to be guaranteed occupancy which will allow advantageous operation of unit.

Secondly the tour operators with whom they collaborate hotels have suspended travel packages and individual travel. The contracts are no longer valid and the problem becomes bigger for units, particularly in popular island destinations, which basically relied on charter flights (Crete, Corfu, Zante, Rhodes, Kos etc.).

Thirdly, as they say hoteliers, the level planned for this year can not apply. Prices of packages will be defined from the beginning and will depend on demand, but competition.

Fourth, Hoteliers are invited to return advances from early bookings. This has already led to a significant liquidity problem.
also, nobody knows how to keep the crisis of coronavirus in key markets that supply us with tourists, what is their financial position, how it has affected the work and what the spending power of tourists.

With tourism in Greece is characterized by high seasonality over time, as the bulk of tourists coming during July, August and September, the prospects for tourism recovery becomes more difficult.

Tourist revenues 2019 reached 18,2 billion. euro. Alongside, inbound travel traffic increased by 4,1% and stood in 31,3 million. travelers. For 2020, the tourism ministry had prioritized the double-digit growth in receipts, increase in arrivals near 5% and an increase in tourist arrivals during the months of April, May, and September, October above average year.

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