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Coronavirus Travel Advisory: New US travel directive for Greece!! “Avoid travel!! High risk covid-19”

Travel instruction for Greece, due to the increase of coronavirus cases in our country the last days, issued by the State Department, referring to the relevant guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…..

particularly, the CDC recommends avoiding trips to Greece if these are not necessary, ie do not relate to the provision of humanitarian and medical assistance or family emergencies.

indeed, according to her report Hellas Journal, CDC urges travelers belonging to high-risk groups to postpone even trips deemed necessary.

as explained, the risk of someone getting COVID-19 in Greece is high even if someone gets sick and needs medical help, resources may be limited.

  • However, those who are going to travel, are invited to be informed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Health in Greece but also by the State Department for all the details regarding their entry into the country and the restrictions that may exist for those who arrive in Greece, such as mandatory tests or quarantine.
  • The CDC also clarifies that if a person tests positive, he or she may not be allowed to return to the United States until he or she has fully recovered from the disease.. also, if someone comes in contact with someone who had Covid-19 disease while abroad, he may be quarantined or not allowed to return for a while 14 days after contact with the patient.

End, CDC informs travelers that they should consider taking a test before their trip.

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