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Coronavirus Travel – Harris Theocharis on the BBC: Social distancing has come and will remain for this summer

The way this year's holidays in Greece will develop, unfolds in an interview with the BBC News Podcast, Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis, who, including, focused on social distancing, which as he said, came and will stay for this summer………..

"It simply came to our notice then, social distancing has come and will remain, at least for this summer and we are trying to protect security, both people working in hotels, as well as in other tourist facilities, in museums and anywhere else and of course visitors, of the people who come to Greece and who will decide to come to our country this year. So, social distancing is one aspect. Different rules [will apply] for cleanliness and capability, for example, to open the doors and not turn off the air conditioning, to ensure that we have fresh air in the rooms. These kinds of measures have come and will remain to help us all get through this period with minimal risk. ", said Mr.. Theocharis.

Asked if Greece can provide security guarantees to foreign visitors, Mr.. Theocharis said specifically:

"Yes, we are sure that this is an important step. Of course life is life and there is always an element of danger. But that's what we can say: We have done everything, what goes through our hands to protect our people, taking action early and not just taking action to control travel, etc., so that the spread is minimal. We did that. But we have also strengthened our health system. Our national health system is now much stronger than it is,what has ever happened in its entire history. You can imagine that we feel confident that we have the health system in such a situation that it can face any eventuality. ".

Addressed to potential visitors to Greece, Mr.. Theocharis answered the question how relaxing this year's vacation can be, emphasizing that the core of the experience, which is the smile, open arms, the warm welcome, they will still be there. "Also, I would say that coming to Greece will have a healing part, in the sense that we all need a break from this confinement, from the constant worry we have been subjected to for many, many months. There are people at the forefront of the epidemic and others who have gone through painful processes. So I think we all need that kind of healing process that a vacation can bring. ", added Mr.. Minister.

On the issue of the UK's decision to ask those who come back to the country to stay at home for two weeks, Mr.. Theocharis mentioned: "It is understandable that every country must do what it feels is necessary and the best for the health of its citizens.. These issues are issues of every country.

As we did with our citizens, when we moved too early to one “prohibitive” (lockdown). Therefore, this kind “aggression” Your country's decision to do so is quite understandable. What I can say is that now is the time for us to start thinking about lifting these restrictions., try to remove as many obstacles as possible. We urge other countries, among them the UK: as soon as we do that, we would welcome such reciprocal moves. So, if we do not impose quarantine in the world that travels from the UK, from a certain date onwards, we would welcome a similar move from the UK ".

End, Greek minister would recommend to the candidate visitor to spend his summer vacation, Mr.. Theocharis states that this year is the time to go to smaller boutique hotels, and even go hiking in the mountains. And maybe those who would prefer to wait a while and not go in the summer, maybe they will go a little later in the season. For sure, we have many mountainous areas to go hiking, and other forms of sports activities. "So I think one of the things that everyone can do this year is to reflect: to reflect on the things we take for granted, You know, just go to the small places, away from tourist traffic ". The same, end, says a fan of Astypalea.

The whole interview here

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