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Coronavirus Travel-Flights: Flights from Qatar to Quarantine are suspended 91 flight attendants from Doha

Flights from Qatar are temporarily suspended, according to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, after confirmation 12 crashes on a flight from Doha…….

"On yesterday's Qatar Airlines flight, from Doha to Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", found 12 positive samples after the planned screening for Covid-19 disease in 91 passengers from the health ladders of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection ", The Secretary-General said in a statement.

As clarified, "Nine of the positive passengers are Pakistani nationals, coming from the city of Guhrat, with a residence permit in Greece, two Greek nationals from Australia and one Japanese national, member of a Greek-Japanese family ".

"According to the current protocol for those who enter the country by air, all passengers were transported after the inspection and until the results of the quarantine hotel tests came out, where the positive ones will remain for 14 days and the rest, whose test was negative, for 7 days as close high and low risk contacts, according to the instructions of the representative of the Ministry of Health for the new coronary professor Sotiris Tsiodras. For the negatives, the test will be repeated after 7 days.

also, We announce that after the above epidemiological data the flights to and from Qatar are suspended until 15 June 2020 ».

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