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Coronavirus Travel: Greek Tourism on the appointment with the next day

The big bet of Greece!! New opportunities, the pitfalls and changes of the "season"!! Sun and sea; Not only. Massive tourism; Not exclusively….

The blow to the tourism industry from the pandemic seems to be strengthening trends that have so far attracted few.

Alternative destinations, travel experiences, exploration, the roads trips, the so-called well being services, isolation and "separation" in places that are not drowned in the world, are gaining more and more ground in the visitors' choices, as the experts in the field state to APE-MPE.

"We are no longer talking about summer vacation tourism, but for a tourism of many more months with many special products " Paris Chartas characteristically states, Professor of Tourism Development at Harokopio University.

But our country is ready to offer these alternatives that go beyond the classic scheme;

It has the natural wealth and the infrastructure to meet these new requirements;

"Greece has created a capital of high value and we will be able to take advantage of that, to be able to build everything,what did we lose " is the answer given by Giannis Retsos, President of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

"It simply came to our notice then, but we have a very good tourist product "he adds.

Describing the new conditions that are formed in the field of tourism, Professor Paris Chartas points out that "sustainable development policies will be strengthened and developed, whether it is for destinations or businesses".

He even notes that sustainable practices will become an element of operation and competitiveness as they will be a criterion in the final choice of tourists..

Paris Chartas also refers to "measurable groups of tourists" with a special emphasis on the tourism industry. Such a group, which is in fact related to Covid – 19, are the ones above 65 years.

This category contributes to the tourist turnover with a percentage of its class 20%, while the contribution of millennials is also important, as the first "digital" generation is called. "These teams are demanding, informed and with the trip to be part of their personal culture and family life "notes the professor of Harokopio.

"The sector will change" he notes. "There is even an estimate that the number of destinations will increase by about five thousand today. Many of them will be complex destinations in the sense that they will break away from the model of classic mass tourism. ".

The next day for tourism is therefore already here. And Greece;

"Our country is one of the most attractive in the world & Beach destinations. However, he has all the qualifications to transform into a fascinating Rising Star multi-themed tourist destination. 365 days » says Michalis Mavropoulos, founder and CEO of a company, which specializes in the field of travel experiences with many years of international experience in leading roles in the tourism industry.

He points out that in recent years the travel industry has made a big shift towards Experiential Travel. (Experiental Travel), where consumers choose to buy experiences instead of things. And our country offers such experiences if one takes into account the response of foreign tourists to the "safari" that he organizes in various parts of Greece., including Attica.

But Attica can offer such emotions;

"We are talking about amazing routes on dirt roads around Lake Marathon, but also in the Gerania Mountains from’ where you can end up at Lake Vouliagmeni "explains Michalis Mavropoulos, who just started this business last year.

He says that, as it results from his collaboration with a major tour operator abroad, this year the interest is just as strong. Greece, is his conclusion, is ready or preparing quickly for the appointment with these new trends.

"We live in a country with a geographical advantage since almost all of it is wet by the sea, with wonderful beaches, isolated islands with few inhabitants and deserted beaches, unexplored mountains, alpine landscapes, kilometers of forest roads that cross it "agrees Christos Athanasiadis, inspirer and owner of a hostel in the area of ​​Lake Plastira. However, he disagrees with the term "trends".. "It simply came to our notice then, it's a necessity, "he says.

The need, says, was the fuel for the "handmade village" he created a few years ago, but also the belief that over the years the need for a different, more experiential experience would touch more and more.

"Natural advantages exist," he insists. "However, they must be combined with specialized services in the field of gastronomy and health.. It is also important to keep in touch with the local community and cultural heritage, "he said..

And the needs now exceed those of the sunbed and umbrella on the beach. Such as;

"Isolation, contact with nature which in turn helps endoscopy, the silence, the smells, the activities, agritourism, the taste experiences, sounds, the mapped paths for hiking, forest roads by car, religious and cultural treasures, biodiversity nuclei. This place, but also our place in general, it is a place for real travelers "concludes Christos Athanasiadis.

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