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Coronavirus Travel: The "white list" of tourism – Outside of Greece, the British

With epidemiological criteria, the first choice of the countries for which the gates of Greece will be opened
By the end of May, the "white list" of Greece with the countries from which tourists will be able to come is expected to be published.. Speaking of ITV News Tourism Minister, Haris Theocharis, stressed that ………until this moment, epidemiological data available in the UK on coronavirus, do not allow tourists from this country to visit Greece. "I think there are different terms for the UK based on the country's epidemiological data on the coronary artery, so I don't think it will be on the white list ".

It is possible that this list will be enriched with other countries, while states that currently do not have good epidemiological data, these to change. Continuing, Haris Theocharis answered in the affirmative to the question whether Greece will wait for the British indices to improve in order to allow the British to come to the country..

According to his report ITV News, The first wave of tourists from abroad includes the Balkan countries, of the Baltic, Germany, Israel and Cyprus. According to a SKAI report, they are added China, Japan, Australia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Tourism is recovering very fast

The belief that tourism is able to recover "very quickly", once the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are lifted, expressed at his online conference Economist Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis. "It simply came to our notice then, that tourism is recovering very fast compared to other sectors of the economy ", noted Mr.. Theocharis, emphasizing that in Greece tourism is more about 20% of GDP, as well as hundreds of thousands of jobs.

He spoke of a sharp drop in demand for tourism, which jeopardizes a large number of small and medium enterprises and pointed out that the Greek authorities are gradually moving from the initial approach to exclusively domestic tourism in the coming months., in an approach that is increasingly emphasizing tourism from abroad. Describing emerging trends, which he did not launch, but the situation was accelerating, among other things, he spoke of possible pressure on large hotel units and tour operators. "We are trying to balance the lifting of restrictions and the need to keep cases low.", He noted Mr.. Theocharis, emphasizing that Greece has managed and is successfully managing the pandemic.

In his, Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, noted that the word – The key to tourism is trust. He even described co-ordination and international co-operation as necessary to make the post-pandemic recovery project a success.. "Europe can pave the way for the rest of the world", noted features, referring to "important decisions on the necessary steps" in the field of tourism, at European level.

The period 2016-2018, in the six main countries of origin of travelers, that is, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Russia, correspond to 36,4% of arrivals and 51,5% receipts

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