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Coronavirus Travel - Plakiotakis: New Measures for Ship Travel and Maritime Tourism

Measures for ferry travel: Masks, thermometer and single-bed cabins!! How to travel by ship from Monday 18 May……

Measures for coastal shipping and maritime tourism, which will take effect on Monday 18 May to June 15th, agreed during successive meetings held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy. John Plakiotakis, in which the Secretary General of Public Health, Mr.. Panagiotis Prezerakos, the Committee of Special Infectious Diseases and service agents of YNANP.

In particular, the following was agreed :

A) Instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases on passenger and passenger-vehicle ferries that perform maritime intranet as well as international ships under the Greek flag.

The instructions will apply from 18.05.2020 until 15.06.2020 and mainly concern:

    1. Determining the maximum number of moving passengers in 50% of the total number of passengers specified in the ship's safety certificate, or at 55% if cabins are available.
    2. Thermometry and the completion of a special health status questionnaire before boarding the ship and maintaining it with the care of the shipping company. The questionnaire will also be available on a special website.
    3. Distance maintenance 1,5 measure when boarding, disembarkation in all areas of the ship.
    4. The use of each cabin by one (1) atom, unless it is a family (first-degree relatives), so they can be up to 4 people, or disabled with their companion.
    5. The use of a mask (fabric fabric is recommended) by passengers and crew members.
    6. The special layout of the passengers in air seats (one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and back).
    7. Thermometry and the submission of a special health declaration, before departure, for international ferry passengers on Greek-Italian lines.
    8. Informing the passengers about the measures with a printed brochure of EODY, as well as informative spots and audio messages.
    9. Special crew training.
    10. The application of rules of personal hygiene and protection and the existence of antiseptic stations in various parts of the ship.
    11. Ship cleaning and disinfection,
    12. Ventilation and air conditioning of ships,
    13. The management of a suspicious incident (isolation in a special area, disembarkation at the next port which has the necessary capacity for its management, tracking contacts etc.),
    14. The rules of operation of passenger service points (bar, restaurants, dining),

B) Procedures for the mooring of pleasure boats from abroad after the lifting of the restrictive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The instructions will apply from 15.05.2020 until 15.06.2020 and mainly concern:

    1. The ability to enter ports, marinas and shipyards of mainland Greece of private yachts and commercial pleasure boats (except cruise ships) which come from abroad if they are passenger vacancies and under certain health conditions and with the permission of the competent Port Authority.
    2. Continuation of the ban on shipping by foreign countries for which special restrictive measures are still in force (B.C. Turkey).
    3. Mandatory control (test) to all crews and passengers, in a certified laboratory (at the expense of the occupants).
    4. The implementation of the National Health Organization's guidelines on ships remaining in long-term mooring at ports during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    5. The submission of a maritime health declaration.
    6. Providing information to passengers on the rules and regulations for COVID-19 applicable in the port of mooring.
    7. The management of a suspicious or confirmed incident on board.

Referring to these measures, Mr.. Plakiotakis stressed:

"In close cooperation with the experts, we have succeeded, with the targeted measures we took in a timely manner, to have few cases on our islands.

Now,we plan step by step the next day of ferry transport, with rules and guidelines aimed at protecting the health of passengers and crew of ships as much as possible, but also public health on every island.

Further lifting of restrictions on shipping will be constantly monitored and depends solely on us and our consistency in adhering to the measures. ".

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