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Coronavirus Travel – Theocharis: Restart of tourism without tests and quarantine for travelers from abroad

Haris Theocharis, Minister of Tourism, analyzing the government's program on the major issue, stressed that tourists from abroad will come without tests and quarantine……

The tourist season begins in 15 June, noted Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in his sermon on Tuesday. Immediately after, The competent ministers began to present in more detail the measures that will apply directly to the Greek economy. After Adonis Georgiadis, Haris Theocharis spoke, Minister of Tourism, who analyzed the government's tourism program.

In two stages, the opening of tourism for abroad will take place, starting Monday 15 June with the release of flights to El. Venizelos, while from July 1 it will be the second stage with the release of flights to all airports. Domestic tourism "opens" earlier, on Monday 25 May.

The plan to restart tourism , as part of the government's overall plan to restart the Greek economy.

The schedule of the opening of the tourist market presented by the competent minister Haris Theocharis is as follows:

Monday 25 May: The yachting opens, which is the safest tourist activity

Monday, June 1: The camps are opening, camping and 12-month hotels

Monday 15 June: All other accommodation is open. At the same time, the first stage of the release of the flights is activated, initially only from "El. Venizelos"

Wednesday, July 1: Second stage of the release of flights at all airports in the country.

15 July: Gradual removal of the remaining exceptions

According to Mr.. Theocharis, Release of flights means that there is no obligation to test for a corona in passengers, nor mandatory quarantine. This is not out of the question, explained, some sampling tests for epidemiological purposes.

For the first stage of release in 15 June is scheduled:

• Release of flights from abroad to "Eleftherios Venizelos"

• Release of visitors from countries with good epidemiological characteristics

In addition, criteria such as road access are assessed, medium distance by air, expatriate communities

The second stage of release is scheduled for July 1

• Release of flights from abroad to all airports

• Release of visitors from all countries

• Countries with negative epidemiological characteristics will be excluded

• Countries that are excluded will be announced in a timely manner

• Countries excluded from the 2nd stage of release will be monitored for their epidemiological characteristics

As announced by the Minister of Tourism, Mr.. Haris Theocharis, there will be development of operational plans for small island destinations: Specifically, in order to strengthen the capacity of health infrastructure, the installation as a whole is underway 20 new analysts for tests on the islands and are secured 600 COVID beds on the islands. In addition, for small island destinations there will be coverage from nearby destinations with guaranteed transport time <2hours and utilization of the infrastructure of mainland Greece

Mr.. Theocharis said that health protocols will be implemented for the operation of tourist accommodation, tourist buses, the operation of car rental companies, passenger transport at sea / passenger - ferry ships, air transport, inside the plane, air transport at the airport (terminal) and checking the entrance gates (B.C. questionnaire, test sampling)

For the financial support measures of the companies, they focus on the following:

  • Extension of the right to suspend the employment contract until July
  • Reduction of business rent 40% until August
  • New "SURE" employment support mechanism until September
  • Strengthening seasonal employees
  • Reimbursable deposit
  • Tax advance reduction
  • VAT reduction on transport, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages and the tourist package
  • TEPIX II Business Finance / Development Bank Guarantee Fund

Enhancing domestic tourism

Mr.. Theocharis also referred to the measures to strengthen domestic tourism through the "Tourism for All" program, the Social Tourism program (OAED), and corporate Holiday Vouchers for private sector employees. indicative, in terms of the "Tourism for All" program and the framework concerns the amount of the amount 30 million. euro, for hotels and travel agencies, with 250.000 beneficiaries and at least 4 nights (1 million. overnight stays).

The plan to restart tourism

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