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Coronavirus vaccination certificate: At Gov.gr the certificate for the vaccination, but also through KEP

How to get the vaccination certificate once you get the coronavirus vaccine..
The decision on the operation of the electronic Certificate Issuing Platform against coronavirus COVID-19 and the procedure for issuing the certificate has been published……

The joint ministerial decision on interoperability was published in the Official Gazette, the authentication process, the specific technical or detailed issues of operation of the electronic Certificate Issuing Platform against coronavirus COVID-19 and the process of issuing the certificate.


Operation of the electronic platform for the issuance of the Vaccination Certificate against coronavirus COVID-19 and the process of issuing the certificate

Every natural person, after vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19, a vaccination certificate may be requested. The vaccination certificate, as a special manifestation of the right of access of every individual to the National Vaccination Register, contains the following:

  • name,
  • last name,
  • the Social Security Registration Number (SSRN),
  • the date of vaccination (1the 2nd session),
  • the vaccination center or structure where the vaccination was performed and
  • the type of vaccine and is issued for individual use only.

How the vaccination certificate is issued

The above certificate is issued by the electronic Platform for the Issuance of Coronavirus Vaccination Certificate COVID-19, which is accessible through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration (gov.gr-ΕΨΠ).

The entry of natural persons-users in the Platform takes place after their previous authentication using the codes-credentials of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration (Γ.Γ.Π.Σ.Δ.Δ.) of the Ministry of Digital Governance (taxisnet).

For the purpose of issuing the above certificate, The Platform is interconnected with the National Vaccination Register against coronavirus COVID-19 and with the AMKA Register of H.D.I.K.A.. SA, from which it draws, electronically, the necessary information, applying appropriate encryption technical measures.

Procedure for issuing a vaccination certificate through the Citizens' Service Centers (KEP)

The procedure for issuing a vaccination certificate described in the preceding paragraphs, can also be done through K.E.P., by a certified employee. The employee of K.E.P.. enters the Platform, after its authentication with the Public Administration Codes. Subsequently, the employee enters the AMKA of the natural person and issues the above certificate on behalf of the natural person.

The process for the KEP starts within ten (10) days after the entry into force of the decision.

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