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Coronavirus vaccination in Aegean islands: In the small islands of N.. Aegean, the first mass vaccination in the country

The vaccination plan for the entire population of the islands below is being prepared 1000 resident……….

The coronavirus vaccination will take place in February, all the inhabitants of the small islands of the South Aegean, according to the plan that is underway by the Ministry of Health and EODY and aims to shield them against the pandemic Covid-19.

The plan under preparation envisages that the vaccination will be horizontal, for the entire permanent population of the small islands below 1000 resident, regardless of age or professional status and in contrast to everything,what is true to date in the rest of the country, where priority is given to specific age and occupational groups of the population.

In February, the islands below 1000 residents will be provided with the required number of vaccines, as well as with the medical staff that will be needed, to be vaccinated, whoever wishes, regardless of age and professional status.

The vaccination plan of the islanders that is in progress, it is very big, difficult and complex, due to the need to transport vaccines to the islands, depending on the special conditions required for their maintenance.

The reason that dictated the mass and without exception embolization of the inhabitants of the small islands, if they wish, is in principle the objective inability of health structures to provide high quality medical services, in case there will be cases of coronavirus diseases.

The Region of South Aegean, George Chatzimarkos stated about it:

"The vaccination of the inhabitants of the very small islands as a whole, is a very big plan, very difficult and complex. An excellent job is being done right now, on many levels, with the cooperation of all stakeholders, at central and local level, both for the safe and special transport conditions of vaccines, as well as for their preservation. The planning is in the final stage and the relevant announcements will be made very soon. There will be a reasonable period of time to inform the inhabitants of the islands about the dates when the vaccination will take place and there will be no surprise. essentially, will be the first mass vaccination that will take place in our country and is dictated by the peculiarities of the island area and the need to shield it against the pandemic ".

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