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Coronavirus Vaccination in Mykonos - Dina Sampsouni: The Vaccine Right and Privilege Together

As we have pointed out again, vaccinations across the country, place, according to the National Operational Planning and following decisions of the National Vaccination Committee………..

It is a multifactorial function of real data, such as the EU framework agreement with pharmaceutical manufacturers and the national allocations of Member States, the supply of vaccines, ensuring the execution of the second installments, the expected approvals of formulations and their adequacy, the prioritization of vaccine categories, the population of areas etc..

In the above contexts are carried out and the vaccinations in K.Y.. Mykonos, from the 28 January.

Until today, have been granted 451 doses of vaccines, ie the scheduled appointments by the citizens as well as the rest of those that are strictly granted according to a relevant circular.

The groups that have been vaccinated are the health ones, citizens over 75 vulnerable groups as defined.

From tomorrow 26/3 will be able to make appointments and citizens over 70 years, with the ultimate goal of extending vaccination to the entire population.

The preparation used in Mykonos so far, is of the company pfizer, this with the strictest cooling specifications, storage, maintenance (refrigerators, temperature recorders etc.).

About Regular Vaccinations in the Age Group 60 until 64 years in the prefecture of Cyclades take place only on the island of Syros. For all the islands, however, there is planning according to their categorization (under 1.000 residents, from 1.000 until 3.500 and over 3.500 residents).

Hence there is absolutely no reason for citizens to move to be vaccinated in Syros (excluding personal choices), long’ who in any case will have the opportunity to do so on their island and in this case in Mykonos.

We call once again on citizens included in the age groups above 75 and above 70 from tomorrow as well as the vulnerable groups to hurry to make an appointment to be vaccinated at the K.Y.. Mykonos.

in addition to, we forward as a possible development the final notification of the planning for the vaccination of all the inhabitants of the islands within April.

in addition to, The arrival of the vaccine does not mark the end of the pandemic but the beginning of its end and the hope. Patience, composure, compliance with the measures for vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

◦ Finally, we assure, that all of us at the Health Center, we remain on absolute alert, and vigilance.

◦ Following the decisions of our scientists, the instructions of the Ministry, the protocols of the experts,our commitment to the preservation of Public Health by any means, is our ultimate goal.

Μας Our priority, is to continue to respond as efficiently as possible to everyone we need, άοκνα, hard and daily winning as we have proven the LIABILITY BET.

The chairman of the Steering Committee of the Mykonos Health Center

Dina Samsun


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