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Coronavirus Vaccination: What if you miss your vaccination appointment via SMS at 13034 or you want to change it!!

You have received an SMS from 13034 for vaccination, but you want to change the date; What to do and what to do if you miss the appointment!! Clarifications for all questions regarding its procedure vaccination and appointments through him SMS to 13034…. gave in an interview, the Deputy Minister of Digital Government Georgios Georgantas.

How can you change your vaccination appointment?

If you receive an SMS with a pre-arranged appointment to get the vaccine but the pre-set date is not convenient for you, then you have three days (72 hours) to change it. To change the appointment that is suggested to you, you must enter the emvolio.gov.gr platform, either go to a pharmacy or KEP. This applies to those who have enrolled in intangible prescribing. If you are not registered then you can change the appointment 72 hours with whatever procedure you followed.

What if you miss your vaccination appointment?

Penalties will be given to those who received an SMS for the vaccination but did not arrive or change the appointment within 72 hours.

The Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, Georgios Georgantas, in an interview he clarified that:

"What we predicted and we think is fair and the only thing we could do at this stage is that whoever has made an appointment but does not change it in 3 days before as he is entitled and finally the date set for him did not come, he will not be able to re-enter the system for a month to make an appointment ".

How to check if you belong to a priority group

Enter your AMKA and your name on the website http://emvolio.gov.gr and the web / mobile application.

Send SMS to 13034.

How to make an appointment for a vaccine

If the citizen is registered in the intangible prescription he will automatically receive a message and all he needs to do, They are to confirm the appointment in the following two ways:

    1. Or by linking to TAXIS data on the website http://emvolio.gov.gr.
    2. Either by confirming the proposed appointment via text message (SMS) in the 5-digit code for exclusive use 13034.

Those who do not choose the electronic way or the intangible prescription have the following options:

    • Visit to KEP
    • Visit to a pharmacy

The citizen will receive the unique appointment code-number, as well as the QR Code, depending on how you scheduled the appointment.

How to activate intangible prescription

The process:

    • Enter gov.gr
    • You choose Health and welfare-> Health file-> intangible prescription
    • Login to the service

To activate the intangible prescription, you will need:

    • your personal Taxisnet passwords
    • your AMKA and / or your insurance dependent members
    • your mobile phone number and / or your email address (email)

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