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Coronavirus variants and mutations: These are the three mutations that concern the scientific community!!

There are three coronavirus mutations currently involved. Mutations from Britain, South Africa, but also from Brazil. Proper use of the mask is the key to effectiveness and protection of the person wearing it!!……
Mutations that are of particular concern to the scientific community such as he stressed in SKAI, Professor and member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health Charalambos Gogos.

The mutation in Brazil

as explained, In a city in Brazil, the mutated coronavirus strain prevailed in 50% of cases, while there has been a case so far in Germany.

"Of these three executives resulting, especially for the last two that we do not know, that they are more likely to enter our cells and infect the virus, have the ability to bind more easily and faster to the protein spike and cause disease "noted Mr.. Gogos.

Mutations are a major problem for the scientific community, especially at this critical time, commented the professor. There are thousands of mutations that do not give a comparative advantage to viruses and many of them are repairable. Alongside, through them prevail some that give them comparative advantages.

He stated that it is better to be 50% heavier a virus, despite 50% more contagious because then the deaths are much more. "There may be a problem with monoclonal antibody therapy," he said of the mutations.

THE Charalambos Gogos focused again at proper use of the mask, stating that the right mask also protects against mutant strains.

"We have to do frequent surveillance, by sampling, but also with special cases of re-infection, people who are re-infected may be associated with the mutated virus therefore should be screened. That means more tests and especially tests with the special genetic sequence, "he said.

"People who become infected with the coronavirus seem to have long-term effects, mainly on the respiratory system with fibrosis that is caused and remains, but also with neurological complications and psychiatric complications, which remain in the long run and can cause morbidity and mortality ", stressed the professor.

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