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Coronavirus variants and mutations: “road race” against coronavirus variants “he sees” until the spring of the Austrian researcher Nicki Popper

“road race” until spring against coronavirus variants “he sees” the well-known Austrian simulation researcher at the Technical University of Vienna Nicki Popper, Noting in its current statements that reliable information on how fast the new SARS-CoV-2 mutation is spreading in Austria is still lacking in reliable information……….

Everyone is waiting for estimates for the current spread, reported, noting that the recent extension of the lockdown in Austria (until February 7th) it makes sense, if one considers the many questions — and also because the numbers are not as low as one would have hoped.

The researcher at the Technical University of Vienna feels compelled, as noted, follow the care required for variant B.1.1.7, and one can assume that the lockdown in Austria “slightly reduces the advantage of choosing a more aggressive variant at this time — but it all depends on how far we are”.

However, as he states, all experts agree that the variant will prevail if not overtaken by even better adapted virus sequences, and the studies that certify higher infectivity in B.1.1.7 are “very clean”, but one wants to hope for more information from the lab.

From his side, Austrian Health Minister Rudolf ‘Ansober announced today campaign against new coronavirus mutation B.1.1.7, stating that together with the nine Austrian L θαnder the dynamics of its spread will now be investigated in detail and at the same time effective measures will be implemented against B.1.1.7 as part of the pandemic, and to this end, throughout Austria “Many positive PCR tests should be tested for suspicious mutations” .

The Minister of Health announced that it is estimated that until tonight they have been done in the country “almost 140.000 vaccinations” and that by the end of the week most people in nursing homes and care facilities will have received the first dose of the vaccine, the second will follow in mid-February, that too, in my opinion, will significantly reduce the number of deaths in these welfare institutions.

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