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Coronavirus variants and mutations: The possibility of further strengthening travel restrictions in Britain is open

The BBC broadcast today, British ministers to discuss further strengthening of coronavirus travel restrictions on Monday, adding that it can be claimed by those arriving in the country to be quarantined in hotels…..
The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said in a press conference he gave yesterday Friday, that tthe United Kingdom may need to take further steps to protect its borders from new strains of the new coronavirus.

Most international travel is banned in Britain today, while new regulations that came into force earlier this month require most travelers arriving in the country to have a negative test they will have taken before leaving, as well as remain in quarantine.

The government is considering making it mandatory for travelers to spend this 10-day quarantine period at a hotel for which they will have to pay themselves., as a means of enforcing quarantine rules, according to the BBC. Amid concerns about new strains of the new coronavirus, Critics of Britain's current quarantine policy say it is not being adequately implemented.

Stricter border rules will be a new blow to aviation and travel, which is already under a lot of financial pressure due to the restrictions that have been in place for almost a year to stem the COVID-19 epidemic and their low incomes. In England the quarantine 10 days claimed by travelers can be reduced if someone takes a test and comes out negative after 5 days, while the rules in Scotland are very different, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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