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Coronavirus variants and mutations – Gargalianos: The virus mutation may have a third lockdown

For the coronavirus mutation and the possibility of a new lockdown, Pathologist - Infectious Diseases Panagiotis Gargalianos spoke……

"If there is a problem with coronavirus mutation, we are ready to do anything, to close again, if there is danger. This is how Europe will react, this is how I dare say the whole world will react "said the Pathologist - Infectious Diseases Specialist, Panagiotis Gargalianos για την πιθανότητα ενός νέου αυστηρού lockdown.

O n. Gargalianos, who is a member of the committee of experts, επεσήμανε πως αυτό που χρειάζεται να γίνει είναι η σωστή τήρηση των μέτρων. «When he has built a wall, there is no room for mutation. In the Greek territory if you find (the new strain of the virus) you quickly isolate it and do not let it evolve, That is why the meeting under the Prime Minister took place yesterday, Saturday, in order to take measures to strengthen, its detection and isolation mutationHe said speaking to SKAI 100,3.

Fabric Masks

For fabric masks clarified that the WHO said that fabric masks with good specifications are safe.

"From the beginning, the committee had given the specifications, provided we use them correctly. When they are wet they have to change, to be washed and ironed for reuse " repeated Mr.. Gargalianos.

"Security 100% means everything is closed, this is not done… Based on data from Christmas, "New Year and Lights things are evolving steadily so we decided to take a step towards normalcy that was not accompanied much but that could create problems," he stressed..

"Vaccination based on the vaccines available is going well. I hope that things will be resolved so that we can have a good pace until the summer " noted the professor.

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