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Coronavirus variants and mutations: What is the most common symptom and which does not occur often

New research shows that the symptoms of coronavirus mutation are mainly cough, sore throat and fatigue………

According to a new study, these people are less likely to develop taste and anosmia.

The British Statistical Office, announced that other differences had been observed between those infected with the UK variant and others with COVID-19.

"Loss of taste and loss of smell were significantly less common in the positive tests that were compatible with the new variant than in the triple positives", reported the Agency in an analysis of typical people in England with COVID-19, which concerns the period from 15 November 2020 as 16 January 2021.

A "triple positive" result in PCR test (that is, by the molecular method of PCR analysis) indicates that someone has been infected with the coronavirus, but not with the British variant.

"Other symptoms were more common in those infected with the new variant with the biggest difference being cough, the sore throat, fatigue, myalgia and fever ", points out the Service.

"There is no evidence of differences regarding the symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract, shortness of breath and headaches ", added.

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