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Coronavirus variants and mutations: There is an issue in Greece with mutations, we find them everywhere!!

Vassilis Kikilias does not hide his concern about coronavirus mutations in Greece. There is intense concern about mutations of coronavirus in Greece and it is characteristic that, a few hours before the alarm signaled the detection of a South African mutation in Northern Greece…..

causing the emergency Hardalia transition – Bearings in Thessaloniki, The Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias spoke openly in his statements on the subject.

THE Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias, He characteristically stressed that two things concern him:

"One is, I see that there is an issue in Greece with mutations as well. Now we find them everywhere. The second issue is that people are tired. I want to appeal once again. Caution, caution, caution!! There are two difficult months left. We must abide by personal protection measures, we have to take care of each other ".

The South African mutation εντοπίστηκε στη Northern Greece σημαίνοντας συναγερμό στην Civil Protection.

Εκτάκτως μεταβαίνει στη Thessalonica the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nick Chardalias και ο Πρόεδρος του ΕΟΔΥ, Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, following detection of the South African coronavirus strain in the area, as stated in a Civil Protection announcement. The transition of the Deputy Minister and his President PHEA κρίθηκε απαραίτητη σε συνέχεια τηλεδιάσκεψης που πραγματοποιήθηκε νωρίτερα σήμερα με συμμετοχή του Sotiris Tsiodras και επιδημιολόγων για την αξιολόγηση της κατάστασης.

Coronavirus vaccination in Greece

Τον Φεβρουάριο η πρόβλεψη είναι για τριπλάσιο αριθμό vaccinations for coronavirus in Greece said Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias, noting that tin January they did it vaccine 270.000 our fellow and the goal was 200.000. He added, that February It will be a difficult month, as it is the month of infections and of viruses.

"The March we will do even more, and April, May, In June we will massively vaccinate the Greek society, "These are the months when we will put the machines to the fullest," said Mr.. Kikilias and added: "If the common European supply continues without interruption and without other problems, the supply of the Member States and come the vaccines, It is obvious that by the beginning of the summer we will have vaccinated the vulnerable groups, the sanitary, the elderly and we will have moved down to a significant number of our fellow citizens, such that we can say that we are looking forward to the summer with optimism ".

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, Speaking to Sky, He stated that "we will continue to put pressure on companies as well, so that we have our vaccines here at the right time. The,what vaccine comes, this will happen immediately ".

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