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Corovanirus Restaurants & Cafe: Guidelines for adapting catering businesses in the context of the new reality

Instructions were published for the managers of the catering stores

They reopen tomorrow, Monday 25 May, catering stores though under different conditions, due to the pandemic of the new corona……..

Entrepreneurs in the industry need to apply faithfully the guidelines of the National Agency for Public Health, έχοντας την ίδια ώρα προκλήσεις τις οποίες πρέπει να ξεπεράσουν as,as far as the organizational part is concerned.

In this context, The Unified Food Control Agency in collaboration with the Association of Greek Food Industries and the Hellenic Association of Organized Catering Companies issued the "Guide to Restarting Mass Catering" in order to provide a simple and practical law on the implementation of new guidelines for adaptation to the new COVID-19.

The guidelines are based on the analysis of the virus's risk profile for catering facilities and on best practices such as those set out in international and national recommendations..

It is noted that the procedures and areas of employment where COVID-19 may be exposed are:

Supply and receipt of raw materials and packaging materials, storage and transfer to the processing area, food processing / meal preparation / kitchen (back of the store), scullery (utensil washing points), shipping for distribution (delivery), sales / service, attendance and departure of staff, suspicious / confirmed case to staff, visit and stay of external workshops and partners / visitors / controllers, offices (use of common tools, dealing with visitors), toilets and staff rest areas.

More details in the guidelines for business executives include the following:

  1. Avoid clutter and adhere to "distance" requirements by rearranging the workplace and reorganizing the table seats of the outdoor and indoor areas based on the recommendations of the competent bodies.
  2. Formation of a program of gradual origin / departure of employees by creating working groups so that there is limited interaction between them.
  3. Develop a controlled access program for the company's employees in public areas (break spaces, locker room, baths, toilets etc.)
  4. Cash transactions:
      1. Encouraging free transaction,
      2. Placement of antiseptic in the place of the cashier and in the place of the customer,
      3. Laying markings on the floor to limit distances to avoid customer queue formation and assigning a supervisor for continuous supervision,
      4. Placing plexiglas if necessary.
  5. Encourage customers and employees to use the stairs and avoid elevators as much as possible.
  6. Posting information boards – reminder of personal hygiene and precautionary measures for all areas (proper use of gloves, mask, proper hand washing and keeping distance).
  7. Adjusting the attendance of third parties (partners, distributors etc.) in the workplace to avoid overcrowding and to ensure that the required distances are observed and the use of personal protective measures.
  8. Guide information, suppliers, external partners, customers, visitors by any means appropriate to the instructions of the competent state authorities.
  9. Care for adequate ventilation (with an emphasis on natural ventilation) all areas and avoiding conglomeration of people indoors without adequate air renewal. Regular maintenance of ventilation / air conditioning systems is required.
  10. Pharmacies of all phases should enter the workplace using protective clothing (disposable plastic apron, masks and gloves).
  11. Care for an organized waste management program.
  12. Taking measures for the health and hygiene of the staff, of space and equipment. These measures include:, including, supply and supply at soap washing points, hand dryers, antiseptic solutions as well as provision to clothing and glove workers.
  13. Take special measures for service, receipt from the store (takeaway), delivery (delivery), suppliers and maintenance crews.
  14. Staff training is also required through written instructions on personal hygiene, washing hands, proper use of gloves and mask, avoidance of co-morbidity as well as its guidance on the symptoms of the disease so that it is able to recognize them early and be able to seek medical help and examinations.
  15. If an employee shows symptoms compatible with COVID-19 disease, the person in charge of the operation must isolate the suspicious incident, to call EODY for instructions, inform other employees and take care of disinfection of the workplace.
  16. It is necessary to strengthen the cleaning programs of the workstations because surfaces can be sources of virus transmission. It must be ensured that all surfaces and common areas are cleaned frequently, ideally every two hours where possible. At the cleaning points / disinfection included, including, switches, door handles, handrails, surfaces that come in contact with food and staff toilets / customers.

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