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COVID-19 and renting: Professional leases are extended

The duration of professional leases of companies, whose operation has been suspended by state order as part of measures to limit and control the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, to safeguard public health, extended for a period equal to the time of suspension of their economic activity, as it appears from the regulatory acts issued on the suspension of activity…………

The measure is applied retroactively and occupies all active leases, as well as leases that expired after 7 November 2020.

That defines the article 100, in the multi-bill submitted to Parliament by the Ministry of Health and in particular in part G concerning issues of the Ministry of Development and Investment.

According to the provision, the extension of professional leases, applied retroactively for the period from 14.3.2020 and after, and occupies all active leases, and leases that expired after 7.11.2020 and until the publication of this.

The extension of the lease is done by the lessee, if desired, with a written statement to the lessor within one month of the publication of this and becomes mandatory for the lessor.

Every tenant is entitled to an extension of the duration of the professional lease, provided that at the time of the declaration he does not owe any rent to the landlord..

Extension of lease term due to measures to reduce the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, constitutes only a supplement to the period of suspension of the economic activity of the companies that were closed by state order and does not create any other rights and obligations in the parts of the professional lease contract..

The extension, the terms and conditions apply mutatis mutandis in the case of professional leases, if the lessor's activity has been suspended by state order, whether suspended or not, of the lessor / lessee activity.

The written statement of the lessor required for the extension, is addressed to the lessor and the lessor and is mandatory for both.

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