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Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test: "No" of Biopathologists in Self Test!! It is not just wrong, It is dangerous [Document]

No "in the self tests say the Biopathologists, emphasizing the their unreliability and risks to both Public Health, as well as for epidemiological observation, as they have been pointed out by the International Public Health Organizations [WHO, ECDC, CDC, FDA]……….

Specifically, as stated in an announcement by the Hellenic Society of Medical Biopathology / Laboratory Medicine, the health professionals cat’ primarily involved in the molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2 and the detection of antibodies to COVID-19 infection, "We declare our strong protest and our vertical opposition to the application of self-tests for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 antigen by the citizens", as recently announced by the government.

It is noted that these are the already known rapid coronavirus antigen detection tests [rapid tests] with simplified execution, so that the non-specialist can too [every citizen] to use them even at home [home testing] or perform them with the help of his pharmacist.

The Biopathologists, in addition to pointing out the legal framework of medical procedures, which prohibits the execution of medical operations by both citizens, as well as by pharmacists, underline the most serious risks arising from the government's decision and suggest that these tests be given to official Health Structures [Health centres, THE MUSCLE, RPHL] and in Biopathological Laboratories, which will be carried out with all safety rules with proper evaluation and registration of the results in the National Register COVID-19 for the surveillance and control of the pandemic.

The Biopathologists, for a year now they have been asking for the prescription of the molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2, but despite being costed by the Ministry of Development, the prescription by EOPYY did not proceed.

Regarding the risks, they point out the following:

► Incorrect taking of the sample by the self-examinee who does not have the relevant experience and knowledge, or in incorrect observance of the test execution instructions [B.C. preparation, sample treatment etc.]

Όλων Carrying out all these tests must follow the rules of biological safety, using PPE for the examiner but also the disposal of materials in accordance with current legislation for the management of hazardous medical waste, which are incinerated by a certified body. [It is a Hazardous Medical Waste and is governed by special legislation for the protection of Public Health]

And they emphasize the instructions of the official public health organizations (WHO, ECDC, CDC, FDA):

Όταν These tests when they are positive have satisfactory reliability in people accidentally ie. people who experience COVID-19 events and this helps in the timely further management of the case. On a negative test in a symptomatic person the test should be confirmed by a molecular test.

► In asymptomatic individuals the sensitivity of these tests is low resulting in high rates of false negative results. This is probably due to the low viral load of asymptomatic individuals and carries the risk of complacency., relaxing adherence to protection measures and spreading the infection to other people. In addition, a positive result in an asymptomatic person needs in any case confirmation with the molecular test in order not to lead these people to unnecessary quarantine and close contact traces..

► A false negative result may be due, or in the incorrect taking of the sample by the self-examinee, who does not have the relevant experience and knowledge, or in incorrect observance of the test execution instructions (B.C. preparation, sample treatment etc.)

Αυτών Performing these tests in places such as pharmacies should be governed by the same biological safety rules as those observed in organized hospital clinics or private health care providers using protective equipment from the sampler and disposing of used materials in containers. collection of purely infectious waste and disposal by accredited bodies.

► In any case either positive, or negative self-examination tests, the treating physician should be informed in order to make an assessment based on clinical and epidemiological data in order to make decisions for further investigation and management..

► The daily recording of all SARS-CoV-2 detection tests, molecular and antigenic, by health care providers is mandatory with the entry of the results in the National Register COVID-19, by name for each examinee using the AMKA. The same should apply to citizens who use self-examination tests. Citizens' non-compliance with the registration obligation carries the risk of creating erroneous epidemiological data with serious consequences for the State's decisions on pandemic surveillance and control..

The entire announcement of the Hellenic Society of Medical Biopathology / Laboratory Medicine

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