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Covid-19 self-testing: 2 euros the fee per sampling at the pharmacy

If the citizens wish, the pharmacist will do the seld test for them with the fee of 2 euros per sampling………..

The amount of 2 citizens per sampling should be paid by citizens in order to do a self test for coronavirus detection in pharmacies with the help of a pharmacist. Of course this is not necessary as with the individual test kit will be given detailed instructions so that citizens can easily take the test at home.

As announced, citizens can obtain home self-diagnostic tests from the neighborhood pharmacy, where with the demonstration of AMKA, they are provided with all the necessary components to complete a SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen detection test.


  • They are entitled to one kit per week, by completing 7 days from the previous receipt.
  • Citizens can pick up these kits for their connected minor children and elderly parents. During the first days of testing and until the supply of pharmacies is normalized and there is no inconvenience to the elderly, Priority will be given to providing free tests to economically active citizens by 67 years.
  • Written instructions for the correct taking of the sample will be provided together with the kit by the pharmacist as well as on-site assistance if the citizens wish with the payment of 2 euros per sampling.
  • If the result of the examination is positive then you should enter the platform sel-testing.gov.gr where they will enter with their AMKA and will declare the positive result of the examination.
  • A certificate will then be issued according to which they will be able to come to one of the proposed fixed sampling points for confirmation with a second test by a health professional and to update the register of patients with COVID-19 disease.. This certificate may not be used for dismissal from work or any other obligation.

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