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Covid-19 self-testing: Self-tests in pharmacies from a week!! It will be given priority by teachers and students!!

Tomorrow the details for the self tests!! Ms. Peloni stressed that the availability in pharmacies starts from next week. Students and teachers will get them from pharmacies as a priority. Self tests are a key tool for opening schools…..

Tomorrow the overall plan for the self tests will be presented, announced the government spokeswoman, Aristotle Peloni.

Ms. Peloni stressed that the distribution in pharmacies will start next week. Students and teachers will get them from pharmacies as a priority. Σύμφωνα με την κυβερνητική εκπρόσωπο, self tests are a key tool for opening schools.

"We started the tests before 12 months with 800 PCR test per day. Στη συνέχεια εντάξαμε στη στρατηγική μας -και μάλιστα πριν τις άλλες ευρωπαϊκές χώρες- the rapid test. Κάναμε μία τεράστια προσπάθεια και φτάσαμε κατά μέσο έως και τα 50.000 test the day with a day record that exceeds the 65.000. After suggestions from the experts, we decided to take advantage of the technology that allows for self tests, as a complementary weapon in our strategy. In fact, unlike other countries that already have them on the market, The government decided to give four free self-tests per month to every citizen. The tender for their supply was conducted with absolute transparency, submitted bids 31 εταιρείες και ο φάκελος κατατέθηκε στο Ελεγκτικό Συνέδριο για τον προσυμβατικό έλεγχο».

They will be picked up by pharmacies and students below 18 years

"Their availability from pharmacies is expected to start next week. The supply of pharmacies will be done gradually based on the flow of supplies. As a priority, students under them will be able to pick them up from pharmacies 18 years and teachers. Self tests are a key tool to enable schools to reopen. The overall plan for the self-test framework will be announced tomorrow. ".

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