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Covid-19 Testing at Home: See how we can do it ourselves. The step-by-step process [video]

In the coming days the self tests will be received which, as a matter of priority - as the Prime Minister said- will be given to students, to teachers and school staff………. ERT and the show Connections present exclusively how easy it is and how you can do it yourself at home.

Tests are of two types as said Costas Mariakis Importer of Medical Products, one is nasal and the other is saliva test.

The first includes a cotton swab, the test board where the coating will be placed, the vial with the liquid and the disposal bag.

With clean hands:

  • we put the swab approximately 4 from. inside the nostril, looking up
  • we rotate 5-6 times and repeat in the other nostril
  • place the swab in the liquid and rotate for 15 '
  • then squeeze the swab as it is in the vial with the liquid and then discard it in the bag
  • then drop four drops in the first special position of the test board and leave it 10 with 15 minutes until it shows effect
  • then discard the vial in the bag

In the saliva test the procedure is the same, just a sample is taken orally in the special funnel, contained in the kit, which is attached to the vial with the liquid. Shake the vial, leave it for a minute and then transfer 4 drops on the board.

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