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Covid-19 Vaccination – Athena Linou: We can do two doses with different vaccines; What does he answer?

There are many questions about vaccines, their effectiveness but also whether it is possible to do the two doses with a different vaccine, that is, the first dose should be e.g.. Pfizer and the second with someone else……

Athena Linou was asked today on ANT1 about this issue and answered the following:

"Theoretically it could be the second dose of a different vaccine. In fact, no research has been done to prove the level of immunity you get if one vaccine is different from the other..

Sure, there is evidence that if you have passed the disease and you only get one dose of vaccine you have a very good level of immunity. We do not know that it is the same thing, has not been adequately studied. In a critical situation we theoretically accept the existing knowledge ".

He also recommended that citizens get the AstraZeneca vaccine.

"How effective this will be also depends on the individual, which team are we in "he noted for achieving immunity.

With,regarding the vaccination of children, said that there are no studies and data, as the vaccine has not been tested in children.

For the self test, the teacher also noted that "it will depend on the conditions. Where will it take place, what will we do the waste, what will we do in case of positives, who will do the tracking;»

"If we do not inform, it is useless," she said. Linen.

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