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Covid-19 vaccination in Mykonos: Clarifications of Dina Sampsouni about the vaccination process in Mykonos

Some clarifications that may be useful to those who are anxious about the possibilities of vaccination on our island:……..

The preparation of the vaccination program per region in the country and the gradual development of the vaccination lines, carried out in accordance with the national vaccination plan and the national vaccination committee. It is the result of a combination of factors, such as the availability of vaccines according to national allocations by the EU. and the implementation of an extremely complex supply chain of vaccine vials under very strict storage specifications, cooling and transport by 5 hubs all over Greece.

In view of the imminent start of operation of the vaccination center in Mykonos we clarify the following regarding our fellow citizens over 85 years, who will be vaccinated immediately after the health

Those registered in the intangible prescription, likely to have received or will receive an SMS for appointments that refer them to other vaccination centers outside Mykonos, not to confirm them. Appointments are automatically canceled within three days in case of non-acceptance. With the start of operation of the vaccination center on the island, will also appear the choice for the Mykonos Health Center, when the possibility of an appointment, from scratch, as described below.

Those who are not registered in the intangible prescription:

1️. They can go to the pharmacy or to the KEP, with ID and AMKA.

2️. They enter the emvolio.gov.gr platform with the codes Taxisnet. Before making appointments, can update contact information. Then they choose the vaccination center (for the citizens of Mykonos as soon as the vaccinations start will appear on the platform the choice for the Mykonos Health Center) and the date that serves them for the first dose of the vaccine.

Help your loved ones who are above them 85 to complete the process!

You can find more information at emvolio.gov.gr.

Dina Samsun
The President of the Board of Mykonos Health Center

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