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Covid-19 Vaccination: New schedule at the Vaccination Centers and a seven-day operation for the vaccines

To speed up the vaccination, in the vaccination centers their operation will be extended to seven days until 10 the evening. Until 30 September all vaccination centers will be open from Monday to Sunday and all holidays.….

The opening hours of the vaccination centers will be increased in April in order to extend the vaccines potential, in view of receipt 1,5 million doses of vaccine in the same month.

As provided in the urgent Bill of the Ministry of Health, until 30 September all vaccination centers will be open from Monday to Sunday and all holidays.

They will also operate in two shifts, morning and afternoon, from the 7:00 am to 10:00 the evening.

Regarding the salaries of the employees in them, those employed in the new schedule will be paid separately, as provided by the law in force and on the basis of on-call hours.

According to the Secretary General of Primary Health Care Mario Themistocleous, from Pfizer we expect in April 1.100.000 doses, by AstraZeneca 450.000, by Moderna 100.000 installments and another batch later, and Johnson & Johnson sent a quarterly indicative plan with 70.000 installments for April, 300.000 installments for March and 960.000 installments in June.

What is provided by the bill of the Ministry of Health

In the article 38 of the Bill is mentioned:

"The thirty-second article of n. 4771/2021 (A’ 16) replaced as follows: Article thirty-two Operation of vaccination centers For the implementation of the National Vaccination Program against coronavirus COVID-19 and for the period up to 30.9.2021, the vaccination centers designated within the Public Structures of Primary Health Care and Local Health Groups, can operate seven days a week from Monday to Sunday (including public holidays), due to emergencies and emergencies, by way of derogation from the general or specific provisions.

Their opening hours are set in two shifts (morning and afternoon) from the 07:00 until 22:00. With the operation of the Vaccination Centers are completed and the other Primary Health Care services provided are strengthened. By decision of the Commander of the relevant DYPE, a monthly employment program of the staff of the Vaccination Centers is prepared., which ensures their continuous and smooth operation throughout the week by all of their staff.

To calculate the compensation of medical staff during non-working days (Saturday, Sundays and holidays) working hours are counted as mixed on-call hours and are remunerated in accordance with Article 45 of Law. 3203/2003 (A' 295). To calculate the compensation of other staff during non-working days (Sundays and holidays) the article applies 20 of Law. 4354/2015 (A' 176)».

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