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Creation of e-shop: The aid program for upgrading e-shop opens

A matter of days is now the announcement of the action of the NSRF "e-retail" which aims to subsidize small and medium enterprises for the creation or upgrade of an online store (e-shop) view………… to support their operation during the Covid-19 pandemic but also to strengthen the degree of integration of digital technology and digital transformation.

The program will provide the grant up to 5.000 euros for medium, small and micro enterprises operating in the retail sector, they maintain a physical store and their operation has been suspended for at least one day from Wednesday 18 Of March 2020 and after.

Businesses will be divided into existing ones, which have been set up up to 30/09/2019 and newly formed, which are set up by 01/10/2019 and after, until 07/11/2020.

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