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Cyber Crime: EL.AS.. recommends Caution!! Experts gain access to e-banking, via "sim swap"!!

THE GREEK POLICE.: Attention experts gain access to e-banking!! Xρησιμοποιώντας την τεχνική «sim swap» παρέκαμψαν τη διαδικασία πρόσθετης αυθεντικοποίησης και αφαίρεσαν 42.000 euros from an account…..

Μία νέα απάτη αποκαλύφθηκε στη βόρεια Ελλάδα με τη Δίωξη Ηλεκτρονικού Εγκλήματος να ζητά την προσοχή των πολιτών στις ηλεκτρονικές τους συναλλαγές. Μάλιστα σχηματίστηκε δικογραφία για πέντε άτομα που θα κληθούν να δώσουν εξηγήσεις στη Δικαιοσύνη.

Stakeholders gained access to the e-banking service (e-banking) of a citizen and using the technique «sim swap» bypassed the additional authentication process and removed 42.000 euro.

What is the "sim swap" method

OR Police warns of "sim swap" method, that it is a technique in which the perpetrator, using various tricks acquires control of the mobile phone SIM card of the victim.

Specifically, the perpetrator having access to the user's personal data (B.C. with "e-fishing" – phishing, using malicious applications – programs etc.), seizes the opportunity SIM card change, obtaining a new card to replace the one held by the legal holder.

In that way, receives calls and messages intended for users – victims and steals disposable passwords (OTP) or security verification messages, etc..

In the context of the preliminary investigation into the case that was revealed in northern Greece, The Cybercrime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece contacted banking institutions, resulting in the commitment and return 29.000 euros to the victim.

A digital analysis of the data and digital data of the case followed, during which the identities of the perpetrators were identified and then home investigations were carried out., during which they were found and confiscated: 4 mobile devices, 2 laptops, storage media, as well as mobile connection cards.

The case file that was formed was submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki.

Advice of EL.AS.

On the occasion of this case, Division Electronic Crime inform citizens:

  • do not disclose e-banking codes to anyone and do not enter on unknown websites (e-banking), that is, username (username) and password (password), or card numbers.

Note that, banks never and in no way ask for customer codes online (on line),

    • if the cell phone stops working for unusual reasons, should contact the mobile service provider immediately and confirm that the SIM card has not been replaced,
    • to frequently check the movements of their bank accounts,
    • have updated software and antivirus program (antivirus),
    • restrict personal information, especially on Social Media (Social media),
    • do not open suspicious hyperlinks (links) and not send personal information and data to anyone,
    • use strong passwords (password) and
    • If its possible, if they do not associate their phone number with sensitive internet accounts.

In each case, It is reminded that citizens can communicate, anonymously or anonymously, with the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate, to provide information or to report illegal or reprehensible acts or activities carried out over the Internet, in the following contact details:

  • telephone: 11188
  • Sending email to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr
  • Via twitter: @CyberAlertGR
  • Through the web portal (portal) the Greek Police (https://portal.astynomia.gr )
  • Through the application (application) for smart phones (smart phones): CYBERΚΙD

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