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Dekapentafgoustos: When the great feast of Orthodoxy established

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Virgin Paraportiani Mykonos

With pomp and solemnity will be celebrated this year the Assumption. It is the largest of the holidays established by the Church in honor of the Mother of Christ, so-called Marian feasts…..

The first evidence for the celebration of the Assumption show the fifth century AD, around the time when convened C.’ Ecumenical Council of Ephesus (451), adopted by the Virgin Mary and became dogma cause to develop value in the face of the Virgin.

For the first time seems to be celebrated in Jerusalem in 13 August and later was transferred to 15 the same month. He had general character Theomitoros, without specific reference to the fact of the Assumption and named "Day of the Virgin Mary".

Center of celebration refers to a start 'Seat' (temple), which were outside Jerusalem on the road to Bethlehem. The link this celebration with the Assumption, He became the church of Panagia, who was in Gethsemane, the "prayer of Mauritius', where there was the tomb of.


, Dekapentafgoustos: When the great feast of Orthodoxy establishedPanagia Faneromeni at Sitia Trachilas

When ecclesiastical tradition, of Assumption feast preceding fasting, which was established in the 7th century.

It was originally divided into two periods: before the feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior before the feast of the Assumption.

In the 10th century, They were combined in a fasted, that includes 14 days and starts on August 1.

During fasting certain, fasts oil except Saturday and Sunday, while the feast of the Transfiguration catalyzed (be allowed) the fish.

On the day of the Assumption feast catalyzed everything, unless the holiday falls on Wednesday or Friday, so only catalyzed the fish.

On days of fasting Assumption chanted the afternoon in churches (except Sunday), alternately, the "Small and the Great Canon of Supplication to the Theotokos Yperagian", the so-called "request".

Mother of Jesus Christ, as mentioned in church tradition, He was informed of the imminent death of an angel three days before it happened and started to prepare properly. Because on the day of the Assumption of not all the Apostles in Jerusalem, one cloud seized and brought them close. Unique absent Apostle Thomas.

The Assumption happened at home the Evangelist John, they resided, after the crucifixion of Christ. After the closed eyes, Apostles carried the deathbed of the garden of Gethsemane, where they buried.

If after three days the apostle Thomas went to the grave, found only entafia. On the tomb of the Virgin Mary was built magnificent temple, attributed to St. Helena. After the destruction of, the Byzantine Emperor Marcian (450-457) with his second wife Pulcheria built a new temple, that exists today.

Between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church is dogmatic dispute concerning the Assumption. The Catholic Church believes in the doctrine of an embodied assumption of Mary (Assumption), finalized with the apostolic encyclical of Pope Pius IB’ "Munificentissimus God" (1 November 1950).

Conversely, Orthodox Church speaks first for Assumption, ie actual death (separation of soul and body) and then for metastasis of Mary, ie resurrection (soul compound and body) and ascension near the Son of.

, Dekapentafgoustos: When the great feast of Orthodoxy established

Virgin Tourliani Mykonos

The feast of the Assumption is celebrated with less emphatic way in other Orthodox and Catholic countries in the world, in most of which the Assumption is a public holiday, as in Greece. Protestant confessions consider Assumption secondary feast, because it is not based on biblical references.

Countless temples and monasteries have been built in honor of the Assumption, magnificent frescoes depict in each temple, behind the main entrance, in amazing compositions sacred funeral, Hymns have chosen decorate the sequence and brilliant reasons and eulogies were delivered by the Fathers and younger cleric men on the day of memory.

In GREECE, Assumption is celebrated with great pomp, and called it "Easter Summer".

In many Aegean islands, Tinos, Paro, Patmos, embellish and peripheral bier honor the Virgin.

In towns and villages across the country, churches dedicated to the Assumption organized traditional festivals, resulting in generalized revelry.

In Tinos the festival was connected with the torpedoing of "Elli" and with the passing of Greeks commemorate those who perished.

Panagia Faneromeni at Sitia Trachilas

In Crete, the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni cervical Sitia, Located on the edge of a steep area between the Cape Trachilas and Babak west of Sitia. The name derives from the image of Mary found in a small cave, the "Spilios the Askitis". Crete is also the Kaliviani Great Lady of Naples.

Imvros Panagia Imvriotissa and Chalkidiki Great Panagia.

In Leros the Kastrovasilissa, Portaitissa Astypalaia, Rhodes Kremasti and Paros Ekatontapyliani, Lesvos Agia Sion of Agiassos and Nisyros Spiliani Kyra.

Goumenissa the Virgin Mary Monastery, Epirus the Molyvdoskepasti, Kefalonia is Ofiousa, Andros Faneromeni, Karpathos Panagia of Olympus and Hozoviotissa Amorgos.

Skiathos is Vangelistra, Leonidio Kynourias Panagia Elona and Episkopiotissa in Mantineia.

The Assumption is not a mournful event for the Greek people, because Mary "was translated to life".

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