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Interface between Principle of authorization and IDIKA – On Friday in place [GG]

Put in place the first interface between information systems implemented by the Digital Government Department….

It is the No.’ No. 424/30-08-2019 Ministerial Decree regulating the interconnection of information systems Independent Revenue Authority and IDIKA for joining the Social Residential Tariff (CTO).

The new interconnection process between the information systems of public administration is to speed up the hitherto practice, which led to significant delays in project implementation.

According to the announcement of IDIKA [EGovernment Social Security SA], the application will be available in site of from Friday 20/9 and time 15:00, due to the liquidation of hitherto applications to financial data 2018.

Update on the liquidation of CTO-B applications to financial data 2018

Please note that the implementation of the CTO (A and B) will not accept applications from Tuesday 17/09/2019 and time 15.00 to Friday 20/09/2019 and time 13.00, due to the liquidation of applications from 01/08/2019, with financial data 2018.

After completion of the liquidation and Friday 20/9/2019 and time 13.00, Candidates beneficiaries for Social Residential Tariff insecond class (CTO-B) will be updated through the implementation of the outcome, which will be one of the following:

  • approval of the application, as provided.
  • refusal, as provided.
  • Non liquidation application (due to missing data).

Where undischarged CTO-B due to missing data requests, Potential beneficiaries will be informed of the application with a note, to submit a new application, to fill all required elements of the application.

also, after completion of the liquidation process and Friday 20/9/2019 and time 13.00 the application will receive new CTO-B applications για τις οποίες η εκκαθάριση θα γίνεται απευθείας με τα οικονομικά στοιχεία του 2018.

additionally marked as follows:

a) OR liquidation procedure will apply for inclusion in the Register of Vulnerable Citizens with corresponding results CTO-B.

b) OR application submission CTO-D applications and Vulnerable Citizens Registry also will be open from Friday 20/9/2019 and time 13:00.

c) You will be sent an email to those potential beneficiaries has changed the result of the temporary clearance of their application after the settlement with the financial data of 2018.


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