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Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!

Τι να πάρουμε στην παραλία…
All waiting time to get ready for the beach and relax under the sun with our friends!!……..

The point is, whether we think our diet; We calculate what we eat and how we eat it;
I think not this carelessness can lead to lose control of the calories you consume so the extra weight.
So paying attention to a few simple things can save enough calories and therefore pounds.
, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!
In the summer due to high temperature we need enough meals and snak during the day without fat calorie, enough water and plenty of fruit.
Particular attention, what we choose and the time that will consume.
For example how to eat ice cream, what kind of ice cream and how much!!
Generally what we will choose the hours that we are at the beach and you can substitute for cutting calories.
, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!
Initially we give attention to soft drinks and alcohol!!
The beer, soft drinks and various summer drinks like cocktails that are selected on the beach along with savory foods like nuts and chips give enough calories, causing dehydration as they increase urination.
Therefore they should be selected juices, enough fruit because it is rich in water content and ensure proper hydration in the body.
, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!They are sources of vitamins especially folate, potassium and vitamin C have no fat and protein, They are low in calories because they contain carbohydrates raise glucose levels in the blood resulting in the feeling of satiety.
Then it is worth careful eating ice cream, because they give a lot of calories and fat.
, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!Two ice cream balls give about 200 calories, depending on their content (chocolate, parfait etc.) even more.
It is therefore preferable to choose sorbets or type ice creams containing fewer calories approximately 90-120 kcal / piece.

, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!Finally not replace water with coffee is a big mistake!!

The high temperature results in increased excretion of sweat.

If there is sufficient intake of water 1,5-2 liters / day then the body starts to dehydrate something that we do not want, so I should drink enough water to been reached the proper fluid balance in the body.

, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!
Preferred snack on the beach:
  1. A toast with multigrain bread, a slice low fat cheese and a slice of turkey stew and a selection of fruit.
  2. yogurt 2% with a little honey and a few unsalted nuts or a piece of fruit.
  3. a fruit salad (If its possible)
  4. 2-3 whole grain crackers with a cheese slice of toast and a tomato or 2-3 toast with tomato and cheese.
  5. If available a choice with salad 2 nuts.
  6. A cereal bar and 2 fruits.
  7. A natural juice.
  8. A wholemeal bun with sesame and a glass of juice.
  9. 1 low-fat ice cream, press (light) and later 2 fruits.
  10. Instead of coffee is selected iced tea without sugar, avoiding soft drinks and all kinds of alcohol.

, Eating on the beach!! 10 «Smart» snak limiting the cravings!!These right choices will help to enjoy our summer holidays, without guilt, keeping our line as well as our health.

Swimming and rackets, are activities that will help you, not to gain weight and increase your metabolism. It only has to program and there will!!


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