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Explanatory Document for the Ministry of Interior Accounts of Candidate (The document)

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Explanatory document on the expenditure of candidates issued by the Ministry of Interior, sending it, including, Spending on Audit Committees and Election Violations….

aims, as reported, answer question repeatedly calls upon sequence and especially the obligatoriness bank account opening of the Candidates.

Let's see in detail what points the Ministry:

"Following a No.. 11/23993/02.04.2019 Instructions us, on "Application of the provisions of Law. 3870/2010 'Electoral combinations and candidate spending and control of these, in regional and municipal elections; (Α΄138) view of local and regional elections on May 26 2019 and repeat 2 June 2019"And then a series of phone calls that arises repeatedly asked whether those candidates do not have income and expenditure is required to open a bank account, brought to the attention of stakeholders the following:

It goes without saying that those candidates have no income or do not intend to make spending, THERE are required to open a bank account.

However, if, who become complaint and resulting income or expenses, then the candidate will undergo prescribed by Article. 14 Fri.. 1b N. 3870/2010 sanctions. "

Recall that the law on the point of the sanctions referred to above, the Ministry of Interior, indicate that "Punishable by a fine of fifty thousand (50.000,00) up to one hundred thousand (100.000,00) euro."

The document for the obligatoriness bank account opening by the Candidates

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