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Deleted from Facebook & Instagram, with fake news accounts

Intensify efforts, the social networking platform, to limit false rumors and misinformation…..

The Facebook, attempting to intensify the fight against manipulation effort through its services, announced Wednesday 12/2 He takes three new attempts to influence public opinion, each of which is associated with Russian intelligence services.

"We work constantly to identify and to restrain this kind of activity because our services for the manipulation of people do not want to use", noted Nathaniel Gkleitser, responsible cybersafety of Facebook. "We are making progress (…), Nevertheless, as we have already said, πρόκειται για μια διαρκή πρόκληση» πρόσθεσε.

The first "business" manipulation originated from Russia and Ukraine aimed mainly, and other neighboring countries. identified 78 accounts, 11 pages and 29 groups that acted via Facebook and others 4 Instagram accounts (also property of Facebook).

"Some of these accounts appeared to belong to citizens and journalists trying to get in touch with journalists, decision-makers and other public figures in the region ", the company stated. According to the investigation, accounts linked to Russian intelligence services.

The second network operated by Iran and centered in the US, with 6 Facebook accounts and 5 on Instagram. Users sharing between the articles on political and geopolitical developments, including issues such as US elections, Christianity, the iranoamerikanikes relations and American immigration policy.

The third network operated by Vietnam and Myanmar and aimed to the population of the second.

In 13 accounts and 10 Facebook pages mainly criticizing Myanmar's telecommunications companies.

These accounts seem to belong to two competing companies and a public relations company.

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