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Extends the operating hours at the track portion of AO. Mykonos

The track portion of AO. Mykonos now enters the second week of training and the working schedule widens…….. The sessions will be from Monday 2 September and throughout the week in 9 morning with floats and Francesca at 7:30 p.m. with Vangelis sponge and.

Vladimir Naoumenko, Calliope shone, Sofia Assimomiti, Katerina Gogos, Vayia Kyriazidi, Joanna Skartsi and several other athletes have already started preparing to involve and discrimination in Aegean races and “Diles”

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10 Stylish autumn sets!! October to update layering!!

Ideas for the most stylish autumn sets -In October do layering!! The clothing stores, shoes and accessories are flooded with all the autumn trends ..... The shelves...

What a woman watching over you;

Women seeking something ephemeral seems that focuses on 5 individual characteristics rather than the whole person, according to research in the Journal of ...

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“Tiresias”: Checks for debtors Tax Office, Funds and Municipalities, in...

, Διευρύνεται το ωράριο λειτουργίας στο τμήμα στίβου του Α.Ο. Μυκόνου
Plan "Tiresias" in the tax office, pension funds and municipalities restores the government, under mnimoniakon obligations ..... The aim is to address the problem of indebtedness of ...

Tax office : Remeasurement of square meters on properties declared ...

, Διευρύνεται το ωράριο λειτουργίας στο τμήμα στίβου του Α.Ο. Μυκόνου
Remeasurement of square meters by the relevant control mechanisms in homes, courtyards and all forms of property that have been declared by taxpayers in E9, and...

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banks: Charge even for changing PIN on the cards!! New supplies ...

, Διευρύνεται το ωράριο λειτουργίας στο τμήμα στίβου του Α.Ο. Μυκόνου
The bank commissions continued!! What transactions involving!! Increases the number of transactions on which banks charge commissions. Για παράδειγμα Επιβάλλεται χρέωση για την έκδοση...

The Diamianos ring announces its support to the AO. Mykonos

, Διευρύνεται το ωράριο λειτουργίας στο τμήμα στίβου του Α.Ο. Μυκόνου
His intention to respond immediately as sponsor , ensuring the smooth operation of the parts of A.C. Mykonou, and to continue its work and ...

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Great Vespers Archieratic in celebrating LN. St. Gerasimos in Mykonos

With brilliance was celebrated today, Eve of Saint Gerasimos, the Great Vespers Speech Archieratic, celebrating the Holy Temple of Saint Gerasimos in Mykonos, χοροστατούντος...

The front pages of Sunday newspapers 20 Oktovriou2019

Τι γράφει ο Κυριακάτικος Τύπος Διαβάστε τα 15 Highlights first and Back-Cover of Sunday Newspapers (the suspension is continuously renewed!!)...... ...

Call for festal memory of St. Gerasimos in Mykonos

The Church Council of the Church of Agia Kyriaki, bring to the attention of wishful People of the island that, .......θα εορτασθή μετά πάσης μεγαλοπρεπείας η Ιερά...

Circular for the number of representatives of the municipalities in KEDE elections, SYS [Circular + Tables]

Mykonos is represented by 4 representatives, the Mayor and 3 Δημοτικούς Συμβούλους Καθορίστηκε ο αριθμός των εκπροσώπων των ∆ήµων στις οικείες Γενικές Συνελεύσεις των...

The Tourism Ministry is putting targeted illegal taxi

The Tourism Minister, K. Haris Theocharis and Tourism Minister, K. Manos Konsolas, They met with the National Federation of Taxi and market ..... The issues of concern ...

Besides universities, the GOP-party factions NDFK, PASP and KNE

Serious changes is preparing to bring the Greek government universities. The bill was drawn up in consistency with universities ... and under the close supervision ...
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