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Digital Sign Up: The complete Digital Land Registry is coming!! what changes!!

The target is, inside 2021, most of the old mortgage offices, to be transformed into modern Cadastral Offices of the Institution!! The new digital services for remote service of citizens and professionals….

The management of the Land Registry passes from the Ministry of Environment and Energy to Department of Digital Governance.

The responsibility for the management of the Land Registry and other important Digital Works is assumed by the new Deputy Minister of Digital Government, George Stylios.

As recently presented by the leadership of the Ministry of Environment, target is in year the biggest Department of the old mortgage offices to have evolved in modern Cadastral Offices of the Cadastre.

Until today they have evolved 6 from 17 Cadastral Offices and 13 from 75 Their branches.

Regarding the course of implementation of the Land Registry, today the collection of statements has exceeded 65%, covering 93% of the Territory. The collection of statements in the rest will start within the year 7% country [Cyclades, part of Crete, Corfu and Thesprotia], while until the end 2021 it is estimated that:

    • There will be a Land Registry in operation at 37% of total rights
    • The 40% of rights will be in the post / pre-post phase
    • The 16% of rights will be in the process of examining objections
    • The 7% of rights will be in the statement collection phase

According to the design, gradually and until its beginning 2024, the Land Registry will be completed everywhere in the country and at all levels of cadastre, will have been transformed and 390 mortgage offices in 92 modern new Cadastral Offices and all the documents and maps for all real estate transactions will be recorded in digital form.

New digital services

Emphasis will be given to new digital services of the Land Registry, which have already been put into operation providing 24-hour service to citizens and professionals. The four services provided include:

      1. Complete digital process for applications, payments and receipt of certificates, diagrams and copies from the Cadastral Offices that have joined the Agency.
      2. Complete digital process for receipts, payments and applications from the lawyers pipelines, δικογράφων και άλλων πράξεων που συντάσσουν και διακινούν για καταχώριση στα Κτηματολογικά Γραφεία του Φορέα.
      3. Digital submission of contracts by their authors for registration in the Cadastral Offices of the Institution.
      4. Automatic topographic comparison of the owner with the Cadastral Chart– Automatic pre-trial review that ensures the applicability of court decisions.

    With the completion of the transformation of the mortgage offices into modern Cadastral Offices under the supervision of the Agency, all citizens will have access to the above digital services..

    At his beginings 2021 is set electronic access of professionals in operation [Lawyers, notaries, engineers, bailiffs] in the cadastral data [type of property, area, type of right etc.] as well as the electronic issuance of all certificates issued by the Cadastral Offices of the Institution. Today the 3 most popular covering the 80% of the requested certificates.

    End, within the year begins the great work of digitization of all their archives 390 mortgage offices, with an implementation horizon of 3 years and with funding 200 million. euro from Recovery Fund. It is estimated that over 600 million. pages are going to be digitized.

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