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Digital COVID-19 vaccine passport: Digital vaccine passports are prepared by Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce

It is essentially a partnership of leading technology companies, Health organizations and non-profit organizations, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic Systems and Mayo Clinic, which will create a co-decided digital health certificate that will be valid in all countries of the world and that will be in barcode format, so that everyone can carry it on………

Without this, trade agreements or transatlantic voyages may not be possible.

Airlines, crowded workplaces and sporting events may soon require citizens to show their Covid-19 vaccination certificate. The certificate will be in the form of QR codes, which will contain information about the vaccination process, possibly also the state of health of the citizens. This mechanism seems to be advancing, since it can be accepted by most countries in the world.

On Thursday the top companies, in a joint statement, announced that they are developing technology standards to allow users to share immunization files during the Covid-19 pandemic, through the application of a health "passport".

"In the period to come, most of us will be called upon to show either a negative Covid-19 disease test or a vaccination procedure.. This will become a routine in most aspects of our daily lives. ", said Dr.. Brad Perkins, head of the Commons Project Foundation, a non-profit organization in Geneva, Member of the Vaccine Certification Initiative.

This vaccine application could meet the needs of airlines, employers, and other businesses, experts say.

In the United States, the government has provided for the creation of cards, which remind citizens receiving vaccines against Covid-19 disease, the installments, the lot, but also the date of vaccination. However, the broader mechanism has not yet been established, so that users have easy access to their vaccination records online or use their card at work and travel.

United Airlines and JetBlue, are already trying the Common Pass, a digital health certification application from the Commons Project. This application allows passengers to retrieve test results for Covid-19 disease. Passengers then receive a confirmation code, with which they can board certain international flights.

The same pattern will probably follow the partnership of the leading technology companies.

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