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Vindication of the Municipality of Mykonos in cleanliness issues

after completion of the first international electronic competition ever held in the Municipality of Mykonos and one of the first nationwide.

The Municipal Authority with the inexhaustible support of municipal workers, It proved in practice and despite the opposition portion objections to the feasibility and anticipating the failure of the competition, that with sustained effort and hard struggle, He came out a process which lasted a total of 14 months in order to overcome conflicts between potential contractors, to win litigation and all required approvals (Court and Decentralized Administration of the Aegean, etc.).

The contract is for 2 plus 1 years and indicative of the Contractor object includes Apokomidi Urban Waste, manual street cleaning, Engineering Odosarosi, Washing Waste Bins, Collection of Large Items & Municipal Waste and Cleaning Toilets.

In the coming period will be announced and telephone hotline citizens service center / citizens for their demands immediate response.
The Municipal Authority consistent in planning and in helping to resolve this issue so critical for our country and the image of our island, proceeds to the next time beach cleaning, the installation of new trash bins, to traffic 2 new modern garbage and the signing of the landfill operating contract by a private contractor with specialized scientific staff, a European Commission Environment Directorate request for which our municipality has been threatened with a fine dystheorito.

First then Here we turn to environmental issues the island and We continue the fight with you allies, for the completion of Mykonos Local Waste Management Plan, looking forward to a waste management policy friendly to the environment and humans.
We keep our promises, We live next to you.

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