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Municipalities & regions: The changes to the Management Bodies Solid Waste (FODSA)

Waste management, concern two Articles of Cleisthenes (n.4555 / 2018) namely 225 and 243, that the Government amend the polynomoschedio……

Compensatory Finally the municipalities hosting the operation FODSA

First of all, replaced the institutional framework for the countervailing charge, which the management bodies of Solid Waste (FODSA) pay to municipalities that host the operation of biological waste treatment plant engineering and landfills, A1 and A2.

According to the N / S, the countervailing benefit is determined by the Board of Directors of FODSA and can not be less than 1% on the proceeds of their annual budget.

counterbalance the amounts municipalities for whose benefit should, must pay in FODSA for the services provided by them and "Any remaining amounts of the benefit, may be available from these municipalities to COVER ANY EXPENDITURE, priority but related environmental compensation the operation of facilities ".

On this last point then lies the most important difference compared with Cleisthenes, which stated that contrary "The amounts of the compensation benefits available from the Municipalities EXCLUSIVELY for environmental projects and actions in 60 % within the Community wherein during installation lies 40 % into neighboring this Communities'.

also, the new Article The following provisions are deleted that existed in the ar.243 n.4555 / 2018:

– that the compensatory fee paid by the municipalities FODSA within two months from the end of the financial year

– the countervailable benefit is spent (for the abovementioned actions) μέσα σε πέντε έτη από την καταβολή του στον οικείο Δήμο και υποβάλλεται ετησίως έκθεση στο Υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος.

– The option of a Joint Ministerial Interior and Environment decision with which it can set rules for applying Article on countervailing duty.

According to preamble, "This setting is appropriate for the proper functioning of the waste management system in the municipalities where they are subject to greater disturbance from the hospitality biological waste treatment plant engineering and landfill sites."

Crowd that FODSA They can operate in any Region

Further, N / S interferes matter how many FODSA may operate in each Region.

At the end of paragraph 3 of ar.225 Cleisthenes, adds that setting, the regions where there are already up to three FODSA, who cumulatively fulfill the conditions of that paragraph, no transitional applied on merger provisions of ar.245 Cleisthenes.

In place of that legislative intervention is given retroactivity, that starts from 1or January 2019, while any declaratory act Coordinators Decentralized Administrations pursuant ar.245, They will be considered as "null issued».

According to preamble, setting inserted "into alignment with existing provisions of n.4555 / 2018 on the existence of three FODSA in each region and to remove interpretative disputes have arisen".

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