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Auctioned the supply and installation of equipment tachydiylistirio Eggares Naxos

Integrated active carbon filtering system filters, will provide high quality water to the residents of the island.….
Rapidly Regional Authority continues to implement the Operational Program "South Aegean 2014 – 2020», exploiting its resources NSRF 2014 – 2020.

In the pre-approval of the tender procurement and installation of equipment in tachydiylistirio Eggares municipality Naxos and Small Cyclades made by the Managing Authority (ESA) the South Aegean Region.

particularly, ESA adopted the Declaration issues and the process by which will be launched this project, which relates to the supply, installation and commissioning integrated system charcoal filters in refining tachydiylistirio Eggares.

With the addition of six new charcoal filters, with the possibility of refining 75km per hour each, will succeed quality improvement of produced water, while it will also telemonitoring refining processes, and the quality parameters of this.
The total budget of the project amounts in 639.840 €.

It is included in the Priority Axis "Sustainable development and resource management" Operational "South Sea" Program and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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