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public Hospitals: What changes from the Fall

The improvement of the situation in public hospitals and addressing shortcomings, both equipment, and in Staff,….

will be from key priorities of the political leadership of the Ministry of Health from September.

Already created a first picture of the problems faced by patients and NHS glitches.

The availability of more beds in Intensive Care Units, which remain closed as there is sufficient staff (currently operating 420 ICU beds, ενώ άλλες 150 είναι κλειστές αν και έτοιμες να λειτουργήσουν, while based 30 χιλιάδες αναπτυγμένα κρεβάτια στα νοσοκομεία θα έπρεπε να λειτουργούν 3.000 beds), enlargement operation of radiotherapy machines, transparency in the lists of surgeries, to leave the camp beds in the corridors of hospitals and the complete digitization of personal health file are some of the interventions that will be adopted from Aristotelous.

Furthermore progressing the partnership between the public and the private sector arm of the supply of medical equipment.

According to the National Federation of Workers of Public Hospitals, οι κενές οργανικές θέσεις στο ΕΣΥ αγγίζουν τις 45 thousands.

as, hospital staff diminished by 25 thousands over the last decade.

12 thousands are contractors who serve in hospitals whose contracts expire in the first half of the year 2020.

The same time, except shortcomings, presses and the financial situation of public hospitals.

As reflected in the monthly bulletin of the General Government June, arrears of public hospitals amounted to 546 million. euro, with debts continue to rise and accumulate.

The fez NHS, according to the capital, in particular it was 531 million. May and euro 485 million. the quarter, while from December 2018 They have fired at 85% (from 294 million.).

From interventions Health Ministry have promoted the opposite, Discussions with the purchase of private clinics that preparations for the chemotherapy of members who are in clinical longer received by the EOPYY pharmacies with clinical responsibility, without discomfort for patients, the domiciliary or adjacent pharmacies dispensing drugs in chronic patients, the deployment of online pre-approval process for administering drugs in order to provide timely patient access to necessary medication and smooth supply of hospitals with medicines and medical supplies.

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