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Municipal elections 2019: For detailed information about the changes that brought the Ministry. Interior

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Apart from simple analog which anyway was something that we knew a long time ago in municipal elections 2019 should still apply many other changes……..

briefly, the changes that came with the new law on municipal elections 2019 They are as follows:

1) Disconnects the appointment of the management of the communities of the combinations involved in the process of promotion of municipalities and provides for the election of community institutions in a separate ballot box.

2) For the first time introduced the right to vote to young 17 years.

3) The European Union citizens can stand as candidates and single-person management bodies, and especially for office of Mayor and President Community up 300 residents.

4) There is no nomination for the post of "president of the community council over 300 resident", since all the candidates in these communities are eligible consultants. The president of the community council over 300 residents elected indirectly by the directors of the relevant Community, among the top advisors in votes in the first two power of community associations.

5) Provides for the election of chairpersons of municipalities with a permanent population to three hundred (300) resident, a separate ballot and single ballot of all individual candidates.

6) Take first into account the "resident population" of the country, for the implementation of the provisions governing the organization and functioning of local government, replacing the "real people", which until now.

Recall that the elections 2019 for the election of elected new governing bodies Municipalities will be Sunday 26 May 2019 and repetitive, where necessary, next Sunday 2 June 2019.

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