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local Communities: The new selection procedures for Communities Presidents and Responsibilities

The issues on Local Communities, attempting to regulate the Government in polynomoschedio, light installation of new local and regional authorities…….

Recall that the new election framework, governance and responsibilities imposed for SYRIZA Communities, widely stiliteftike for establishment of quasi third degree Local Government, while the Constitution of Greece, in ar.102, clearly states that the marks SD. in our country is only two.

Simultaneously, Points accused deliberate distortion popular verdict.

The unconstitutionality objections Cleisthenes had repeatedly raised the KEDE,ενώ ιδίως τοself-governing Movement” highlighted with emphasis on the, proposing factual corrections, before become law.

Τώρα, a year later, N / S especially for communities focuses on 2 abolition movements Cleisthenes.


OR 1or government motion on how the election of the President of the Communities over 300 resident.

Kleisthenes predicts (since no Combined Community has not taken over 50%)the president emerges not directly elected by the people's vote in the ballot box, but with indirect election the Community Council, based process by which President may occur Advisor to the Combination that the people placed in 2or position.

The paragraph 9 of the Law No. 5 / S eliminates the indirect election, introducing the following settings:

1)Chairman the Community Council over 300 resident defined the Counselor ΤΟΥ ΠΡΩΤΟΥ ΚΑΤΑ ΣΕΙΡΑ ΣΥΝΔΥΑΣΜΟΥ που έλαβε τους περισσότερους σταυρούς preference, among the candidates of the Combination, according to the ratification decision of the election by the competent Court.

The non-acceptance of the office of President, δεν οδηγεί σε απώλεια της ιδιότητας μέλους του Συμβουλίου της Κοινότητας.

2) “Η παρ.2 του αρ.79 του ν.3852/2010 repealed and the next paragraph. αναριθμούνται αναλόγως.Εκεί οριζόταν η διαδικασία έμμεσης εκλογής.

3) If the position of the President of the Community Council becomes vacant due to death or resignation or removal from office or any other reason, President defined the next in order of preference crosses Consultant THE FIRST IN ELECTORAL POWER COMBINATION if exhausted Consultants of the first Combination, Πρόεδρος ορίζεται ο πρώτος σε σταυρούς προτίμησης μεταξύ των Συμβούλων του δεύτερου Συνδυασμού και ούτω καθεξής.


second movement, or amending powers the President / Community Council (determined by) a rapporteur to the City Council, for Central Independent Resources issues for investment needs (ie the so-called former SATA).

In detail, with per.d 'and ID' of paragraph 9 of No. 5 of the N / S, the per'v 'of paragraph 2 of ar.82 and par.v' of paragraph 1 of ar.83 of n.3852 / 2010 had been replaced by Cleisthenes, respectively formed :

β) decides PROPOSES to allocate the corresponding Community of Central Independent Resources percentage, for investment needs of the Municipality, σύμφωνα με την παρ.4Α του αρ.259,” and regard Communities < 300 residents.

β)decides They draw which projects and activities will be conducted in the Community, the rate of the Central Independent Resources, for investment needs of the Municipality, it incurs, σύμφωνα με την παρ.4Α του αρ.259,” and regard Communities > 300 residents.

In the Explanatory Memorandum, The above changes are documented, as follows:

"The by separate ballot election, but the decisive competence to excess given to representatives of the Communities under the provisions of n.4555 / 2018, CREATES DEFACTOONE FORM GOVERNMENT THIRD DEGREE, fact NOT compatible with the provisions of paragraph 1 of the ar.102 CONSTITUTION. The proposed regulation fully aligns existing distortions in the spirit of constitutional legislator and the letter of the Constitution provision ar.102”.

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