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Divorce Online – Quick & Easy: Divorce is coming with… one click, what changes in child care

Consensual divorces are entering the digital age, based on a provision included in the bill, which will be presented today at the Council of Ministers by the Minister of Justice Costas Tsiaras, and brings significant changes in family law after four decades………..

Consensual divorces, under applicable law, issued by notaries in the presence of lawyers and the ex-spouses regulate by mutual agreement the issues of maintenance and parental care of the children.

The promoted bill, Nevertheless, changes the data in the part of consensual divorces. The e-divorce or "intangible divorce", as everything shows, it is a matter of time to apply in our country, facilitating couples who have decided to go their separate ways and not get involved in bureaucracy and procedures that can be simplified thanks to modern technology, without even needing a certificate of authenticity of their signature.

The… intangible divorce

"Spouses can dissolve their marriage by written agreement (…). The divorce agreement is made electronically using information and communication technologies, not required to certify the authenticity of the spouses' signature. The dissolution of the marriage occurs by submitting a copy of the notarial deed to the registry office, where the marriage proposal has been filed "is provided in the relevant provision entitled "Divorce by mutual consent".

But a change of page marks the bill on parent-child relationships after divorce. The innovative provisions aim to serve the best interests of the child through the active presence of both parents in the upbringing and fulfillment of the responsibility towards him., despite the mediation of the divorce, which in fact is a big change in the lives of children.

Presumption of communication

For the first time, the bill establishes the presumption of communication and the consequences of poor exercise of parental care. Specifically, the time of communication of the child with the parent is provided, with whom he does not live in the same house, be at least a third of the time. Excluding this communication requires serious reasons, such as irrevocable conviction of a parent for domestic violence or crimes against sexual freedom.

Alongside, for the first time the institution of the family ombudsman is provided in case the parents cannot find each other. And the final step is to appeal to Justice.

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