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e-EFKA: Simplifies all transaction processes!! With a simple request Registration and Removal from the register!!

From March 1 simplified all transaction processes with the new e-diesel used, according to the draft law to reform the pension system,…..

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Specifies that enrollment directly or indirectly insured in the insurance records of e-diesel used and the variation of individual data is done by submitting an application on the website of EFKA if in case specified conditions are met.

To register or change individual elements of indirectly insured members required application electronically. Where the application is submitted underage members from one parent and approval by electronically from each other in order to finalize.

alongside modernized, the process is rationalized and improved by the application stage to the stage of issuing pension decision. Achieve immediate and simultaneous administration of all benefits (main pension, supplementary pension and lump) and introduces the digital compilation.

Writing and erasing members

For registration directly or indirectly insured policyholders to register the Electronic National Agency for Social Security (e-EXCISE.) and the variation of individual data is subjected, then identification, application electronically on the website of the e-EXCISE and the necessary data taken from the register of "SSN-EMAES", subject to exceptions provided for special arrangements for automatic registration.

Provevaiosi for freelancers

The provevaiosi which freelancers, the self-employed and farmers are required to provide the relevant department of the Independent Revenue Authority (A.A.D.E.) to initiate or change activity issued electronically. The applicant shall submit, after identification, electronic application to the e-EXCISE website., which recorded activity code number (CAR) the activity to start, and the required census data to determine the insured property.

Until completion of the interconnection of information systems, the Independent Authority for Public Revenues "A.A.D.E." send to the e-EXCISE electronic file with the profession start or stop applications or trade professions, self-employed and farmers until the fifth (5or) working day of each month.

For each registration or expel a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), the relevant Law, Medical and Pharmaceutical Association or expel a member entered the mandatory Social Security Registration Number (SSRN). The Technical Chamber Greece (TEE) and the intimate Bar, Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations send monthly e-file entries or deletions States in e-EXCISE, to establish direct interconnection of their information systems with e-EXCISE.

In case of death directly or indirectly insured, delete the e-EXCISE performed automatically with the announcement of the death certificate through the System of Ariadne n.4144 / 2013 and is valid from the date of death.

Application for building

The inventory of Private Building Works carried out electronically at the request of the owner of the e-EXCISE website. within 15 days after issuance of the license, for which the advance payment of contributions to the e-EXCISE not required. (B.C. artisanal permits, 48hour license, Others), and in any case before the start of construction work.

The inventory of Private Building Works, για τα οποία απαραίτητη προϋπόθεση για την έκδοση οικοδομικής άδειας είναι η καταβολή προκαταβολής και η έκδοση του εντύπου e-Ε.Φ.Κ.Α. "Deposit Note Contributions to Building Permit Issuance", place in the e-EXCISE website. before the adoption of adeias.I inventory of legal persons and responsible in law made by authorized users of the platform Online One Stop (and-ΥΜΣ).

In elements of the legal person responsible law necessarily included the Social Security Registration Number (SSRN) and Tax Number (VAT number).

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