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E-invoicing – ΑΑΔΕ: Electronic invoices will be issued with new specifications

With new specifications, according to European standards for electronic invoicing, Electronic invoices will be issued by the information systems to the State but also to companies as announced by the Ministries of Finance and Digital Government………..

The new way of invoicing will lead to a reduction in the circulation of forged documents, reducing tax evasion, Accelerate the repayment of electronic invoices for Public Procurement and uniform electronic invoicing specifications between companies.

The Ministry of Finance, through the General Secretariat for Fiscal Policy and the Independent Public Revenue Authority (Principle of authorization), as well as the Ministry of Digital Governance, through the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems (NGPSDD), proceeded to harmonize Greek rules with the new common European standards for information systems used both for electronic invoicing in Public Procurement, as well as for electronic invoicing between companies.

The new specifications are based on OPENPEPPOL guidelines (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line), responsible for developing common standards for Public Procurement and Electronic Invoicing at European level. For Greece, official National Authority PEPPOL is the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems (NGPSDD).

The new common European standards will "guide" and regulate e-invoicing information systems in such a way that companies issue valid invoices, with uniform rules, according to European standards.

indicative, the harmonized rules concern:

  • The numbering of the invoice issued in Greece.
  • The type of document (such as sales invoice, service invoice etc.).
  • The unique registration number of the invoice for tax purposes in the information systems of AADE.
  • The internet link, where ISPs publish the electronic invoice.

Especially for public procurement, The new rules provide for the possibility of sending electronic invoices directly to the competent contracting authorities and financial services, with data that facilitate the electronic collection of payment documents.

indicative, It is reported that public procurement in 2020 amounted to approximately 190.000, for 48.000 contractors, while payment orders with corresponding invoices reached 585.000.

With the new specifications, invoice repayment time is drastically reduced, while enhancing transparency, counterfeit documents are easier to detect and expenditure is easier to control.

The relevant applications and infrastructure for public procurement were developed by the General Secretariat for Public Administration Information Systems (NGPSDD) and include:

  • New internet services of the Interoperability Center to public bodies, electronic data providers and service providers.
  • The Register of Contracting Authorities for Electronic Invoicing.
  • The Electronic Invoice Disposal Application.
  • The system is currently in pilot operation.

The above new rules for Information Systems are based on the provisions of the Joint Ministerial Decisions on Electronic Invoicing and the National Format of the Electronic Invoice for Public Procurement (Government Gazette 2425 / Β / 18-6-2020) and in the provisions of the decisions for the transmission of data to AADE (Government Gazette 2470 / Β / 22-6-2020) and the obligations of the providers of electronic data issuance services (Government Gazette 551 / Β / 20-2-2020).

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