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in KEP: Which services of EFKA and OAED are included in the KEP

They are also included 21 EFKA and OAED services in the myKEPlive service.
By Joint Decision of the Minister of Labor & social Affairs, K. Hatzidakis, and the Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, C. Georgantas, electronic services of e-EFKA and administrative procedures of OAED are defined which can be processed from now on by the KEP………..

I] More specifically, regarding e-EFKA, Citizens' requests for the following electronic procedures can also be processed through the KEP:

– Print a monthly or annual information note of a retiree

– Granting insurance capacity of an indirect member

– Electronic sickness benefit application

– Certificate of previous service for employees of the private sector of t. IKA

– Individual Insurance Account for employees of the private sector of t. IKA

– Proof of insurance awareness

– Inventory certificate

– Inception / Change / Termination of non-employed insurance

– Insurance capacity

– Certificate of contributions for tax purposes

– Choice of insurance category of main and auxiliary insurance and one-time benefits

– Application for debt challenge during the procedure of N.. 4554/2018

– Information of the insured for contracts of par. 9 of no. 39 of law 4387/2016 (Service Provisions)

The submission of the above requests for each of the services mentioned above is carried out by the certified Employees of KEP who register - at the suggestion of the applicant- its data and in particular the AMKA, the TIN and any other information required for each service. Subsequently, the KEP Employee submits the application electronically on behalf of the applicant, after the latter has previously given his written consent through a special form he signs. Based on the data of the Application and the results of the intersections (carried out electronically), is issued - also electronically- the requested Certificate, Decision or Certificate that is a valid administrative act.

As the relevant Joint Announcement of the two Ministries emphasizes, 272 procedures of competence of e-EFKA that were previously included in the KEP are to be re-evaluated and to exclude those of them that no longer exist (B.C. sickness booklet renewal) or deemed practically inactive. Furthermore, the rest, after their immediate update, will be included in the National Register, as designed by G.G.. digital Governance & Simplification of Procedures.

II] In the case of OAED, and KEP will be able to perform the following procedures:

Issuance of Certificates

– Certificate of Studies of pupils and / or students of Vocational Schools (ΕΠΑΣ) Apprenticeships and Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) of OAED for military use

– Certificate of Studies of pupils and / or students of EPAS Apprenticeship, IEK, Vocational Training Centers (ΚΕΚ), KEK for the disabled of OAED

– Certificate of studies of EPAS students (underage students)

Submit applications

– Availability request

– Application for benefits due to insolvency of the employer

– Application for recognition of continuous unemployment during the application of the provisions of the article 92 of Law. 4416/2017 for the occasional work of the registered unemployed

– Receipt of an approval or rejection decision (in case of non-submission of an application through KEP)

– Payment of salaries to pupils / students who are absent from work due to participation in written examinations.

The Employee of KEP for each of the above mentioned procedures submits the respective application which he forwards electronically to the respective branch of OAED. For all the above interoperabilities, the Interoperability Center of the G.G.. Public Administration Information Systems.

The Minister of Labor stated, Among other things, that "Soon we will announce the provision of certain OPEC services through the KEP".

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