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Education & Exams - Panhellenic Exams 2020: Drop in bases in Law and Medical schools!! What courses evolved in Waterloo!!

One in two wrote under the base in Ancient, Mathematics, History and Chemistry, while the "premiere" of the co-examination of Modern Greek Language and Literature was an unpleasant surprise for the students…..

No particular fluctuations are expected in the bases of the Positive, of the Schools of Economics and Informatics.

With fundamentals πολλών «ταχυτήτων» θα έρθουν φέτος αντιμέτωποι οι candidates for import to A E I country, οι οποίοι έλαβαν μέρος στις πανελλαδικές εξετάσεις.

This year nationwide, have many peculiarities, which will also be reflected in the performance of the candidates.

So, the points along with the options, που θα κάνουν οι ενδιαφερόμενοι στο μηχανογραφικό δελτίο θα καθορίσουν και την πορεία των βάσεων σε όλα τα disciplines.

Specifically, The bases are expected to move downwards law and medical schools, while no particular fluctuations are expected in the bases of the positives, of economics and computer science.

Following the announcement of the scores of the candidates for admission to Higher Education on Friday 10 July, she's strong a first safe estimate on how import bases will move.

Must, however, It should be noted that this year's performance of the candidates and the points they have collected should not be in direct comparison with last year, as of this year, new system lacks gravity.

According to the teachers' analysis, George Hatzitegas and Giannis Zampelis, provided to APE-MPE, the first safe estimates show that the bases in the schools in 1The and 3The Scientific field, in the schools of Humanities, Law and Social Studies and in the schools of Health and Life Sciences.

According to the same analysis, in the 2The and 4The field (Positive and Technological Sciences and Economics and Informatics Sciences respectively) there will be no big differences compared to last year.

In detail, the course in Modern Greek Language and Literature, which has a new structure now, seemed to make it difficult for the candidates, which is reflected in a dramatic increase in the percentage of scores below the base.

Last year, the percentage of candidates who had written below 10 rose to 16%, while this year at 27%.

also, the percentage of scores above it 16 decreased, as this year is at 6%, from 21% which was last year.

"We are clearly talking about worse performance compared to last year", He noted Mr.. Chatzitegas.

Notably, lack of weights in Orientation courses, the course of Modern Greek Language and Literature has greater weight in the final calculation of points.

1The field [Humanitarian Studies]

Fall in law schools

"It is safe to say that there will be a drop in the number of law schools", noted in APE-MPE Mr.. Chatzitegas, "Since the performance of the candidates in the field was lower than last year".

particularly, in Ancient the percentage of candidates who wrote under the base was significantly higher than last year: 31% of candidates had written under 10 last year, while this year the corresponding percentage rose to 47%.

3The field [Health Sciences]

Biology is crucial for medical schools

According to Mr.. Hadjitega, Biology course will be crucial for those who want to be admitted to medical schools and colleges in 3The field.

Based on available data, in the Biology course there is a decrease in the number of candidates who got a grade above 16.

From 28,14% the percentage of candidates scored by 16 and above was formed in 15,21%.

"It's an impressive variation in Biology scores, as the classes of the best seem to have emptied, with scores of 18-20 ", commented Mr.. Chatzitegas.

"There is a decline in the number of excellent students and this will mean a drop in the number of bases in medical schools.. The extent of this decline cannot be estimated yet, however", he stressed.

Furthermore, the demanding subjects in Physics and Chemistry, as commented to APE-MPE by Mr.. Chatzitegas, caused it phenomenon of "polarization of scores at the ends", as the number of students who wrote below the base increased compared to last year, but the number of those who wrote above also increased 17.

indicative, in Chemistry the percentage of scores below the base was set at 48% this year, in contrast with 42% last year.

2The [Sciences and Engineering] and 4The field [Economics and Computer Science]

Without significant fluctuations the bases in 2The and 4The field

The bases in the schools of Positive and Technological Sciences (2The Scientific field) and Economics and Informatics (4The Scientific field), according to Mr.. Hatzitega will not have significant fluctuations compared to last year.

"On the one hand, nothing has changed radically in the courses under consideration, scores moved more or less to the same levels as last year, while the positions of the schools in these fields are marginally equal to the number of candidates ", reported.

"So, no significant upward or downward fluctuation is expected ", added.

Pending the escalation of molecules

Taking under’ take into account the statistics of the candidates' scores, safer forecasts for base fluctuations could be made in the second year, after the announcement of the escalation of the candidates' points. These data are expected to be published by the Ministry of Education in the coming days.

Until 17 July the finalization of the Computer

Knowing their scores, Candidates can and should finalize their choices in their Computer Bulletin. However, precisely because this year's system is more complex and different than last year's, Candidates must complete the Computer Science, without having in mind last year's bases.

"It simply came to our notice then, which will definitely create new balances in schools and opportunities for candidates ", commented on this. Chatzitegas.

"That’ this is better for the candidates to fill in the Computer Bulletin in descending order of desire and not on the basis of last year ", concluded.

From Saturday 11 July, until Friday 17 July, all candidates will have to finalize their Computer, by selecting "Finalize", on the special platform of the Ministry of Education.

As pointed out by the ministry, after the expiration of the deadline, no candidate will be able to finalize his Computer.

So, Candidates are encouraged to print and / or store on their computer the finalized computer - which will automatically have a protocol number.- that at any moment they can see their final preferences.

Until the submission deadline, all GEL and EPAL (in addition to their scheduled on-call time) will operate an extra day, which has not been announced so far by the ministry, to support candidates in the electronic submission of computer vouchers.

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